Brisbane Raptor Owners - Hill Test? - Wanting Videos

Hey guys.

Ok so i’m still looking around at different boards etc. buying/building. The thing that has me caught up at the moment is the anticipated release of the Evolve GT. The specs are looking pretty good and the hill tests are showing it has a tone of torque. I’m not even considering the the BB.

What i’m curious though, is if there are hill tests for the Enertion Raptor? I’m wanting to see torque and climbing performance. Specifically if anyone in Brisbane has one and can test on same hill as in the video below??

Would be awesome to see if anyone is willing to go out and make a video?


Pretty sure the raptor would wipe the floor with this…but there are vids of the raptor’s hill climb:

i dont care what anyone says that is impressive.

Not sure about wiping the floor anymore, if that is really a 31% grade that is a ridiculous hill… Like walking up that would be tough. There must be a serious amount of torque there.

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Looking for similar steepness hill.

Surely there is someone in Brisbane with a raptor???

The street is Gower St in toowong. There’s a link in the video description to a news page doing a story on the street. It’s pretty intense hill.

I can’t find any other hill tests for the raptor except the mono, and it only did 11%

I checked it on Strava, it does go to 31%. Check out the link in the description to the new page - a news channel did a story in the street, hahaha.

Definitely impressive, but I doubt they could take my fatass up a gnarly hill like that. The video @Mr_Mahal linked, that guys my weight and goes up that hill with ease on a raptor duo That shits impressive.

Trying to find what hill it is. He got up second time with a run up.

i dont know if any of my builds can take me (220 lbs) up that hill… maybe my 230 kv dual 10s… on a good day if i sucked my gut in.


I wonder if my dual Tacon BF 160 8s build’ll be able to take me up a crazy hill like that. Probably not. I guess I’ll find out when I finish it.

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Still need to make my video…been traveling too much. The GT seems pretty sweet and that hill climb is impressive. Could the dual raptor climb it faster? Probably, but more important would be which motors are running higher temps.

@Claudiofiore88 - I’m pretty sure it could. I had a dual 5065 270KV setup on 6S. That thing literally climb anything. Although, that’s due to the higher KV rating.

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wouldn’t higher KV rating mean lower torque and less ability to climb hills?

quite impressive climb!! still would have liked to see / touch the motors after this, it must be quite a torture for these little ones…

@Jinra - I find slightly higher KV is awesome for hill climbing under 280kv. It’s doable because it’s dual motor. With a single, it wouldn’t climb as well but will work for smaller hills.

But from riding here in SF. You want to get over a hill ASAP. A too high torque board won’t turn your wheels fast enough.

If you stop or slow down in the middle or the top of a hill. You can’t get momentum fast enough to get up over the hill. You’ll have to stop and walk it up or risk burning out your motors.

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Since we’re on the topic, have you taken on any of these hills in San Francisco? Is a 41% grade even possible to conquer on an eSk8?

That 41% just a small patch of hill. A true test would be this 38% behemoth.

@Mobutusan - Most of these you wouldn’t bother climbing. People don’t even walk up these hills :slight_smile: They’ll usually have stairs on the side.

I think a 4WD setup would do it but 2WD w/ perhaps a running head start would climb it.

The problem is when you lose momentum going uphill because the hill get’s harder at the top. Most of these areas aren’t really flat either so that one crack or one pebble on the road will throw your momentum off.

Fillmore between Vallejo and Broadway 24% Grade

Not too sure what this hill is but I’d say it’s pretty steep. Coordinates - 37.7973442,-122.4037087°47’50.4"N+122°24’13.3"W/@37.7976401,-122.4044545,18.88z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d37.7973442!4d-122.4037087 Checkout the street view…

This one I climb easily… You’ll get people staring at you climb the hill

You can go a little steeper than this hill probably but you need nice pavement. You get a crack or bump… There’s no way you can power over these hills from the middle of the hill. Too much heat goes into the motors because the board won’t move and you keep feeding it power.

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Are there no raptor owners in Brisbane? No one has a raptor Hill video?

I can tell you that if it was the GT against the Raptor dual up any hill the Raptor will win and the GT would be left behind. Not good for the motors to do it too often though. But I would say that not all hills are possible. Those are really steep hills.