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Broke Guy wants some Cheap Fun

I’m looking to buy a great board but I only have around 300$ to spare. Anyone have, or know of, a nice reliable e-board I can buy?

reliable > $300 :smile:

You would probably be looking to spend $500-600 for a single motor. More so if you have existing tools/parts if not it’s a bit more.

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This user also made version 1.0 which I beleive is even cheaper

Buy mine…

Sure, have any photos, specs, features you can describe about it? I don’t know if this is against the rules but if you want I could share with you my number so we could text/talk, it could be quicker and more efficient. Either way I’m interested, just provide some pics and specs if you could.

This is @stuxtruth thread, @TheBoardGuy check it out

there’s alot in youtube saying under $350 . some claim $300 . the question is which currency ? aus relatively almost equal to singapore dollars . us dollars or hong kong dollars ?
try getting parts from your nearest available online suppliers .
me ? i got my space cell battery from australia . til i have a call from local delivery that i have to cough up an "air way care " tax for that awesome battery . do your research and find out nearest supplier to your home country .

I believe you could get non DIY build from aliexpress in which the quality is very questionable. For fun might work, but hard to rely for daily consumption. One brand I could name from aliexpress called bench wheel, the almost head shot replica of the boosted board.

Most DIY’ers are looking to build them self for cheaper price, but as cheap as you could spent it will turn ugly. So mostly I’ve seen people do DIY because they want to make better eBoard.

If I were you I am heading to aliexpress and start looking there, they might not be that bad after all.

I’ll sell u mine. Needs batteries and remote but 200 for the rest

I have a brand new board with barely any miles on it. Single drive 213 kv. 6s. Comes with custom Li ion pack. And gt2b remote. All u need is a balance charger and you’re set. On me with an offer if interested :slight_smile:
It’s the one with blue wheels in my profile pic. I have more pics

I’ll buy. DM me pics of it.

I’m also interested in a board - anyone still have any for sale?
@Hummie and @barajabali

@xalitust - I have an old (2) 5065 280KV SK3 6S for sale… I’ll sell it for $350 + Shipping. Comes with a new 5065 280KV motor since one was damaged. It’s a fast board and rides great. Will climb 20-30% inclines on 6S.

PM’ed, thanks!
Sounds good :smile: