Broken bearings

Hi, I was testing my first build, with my pulley system connected to the wheels and the motor. Everything was working good for some time, but suddenly the wheels started to be really slow, making strange noises. It turns out the bearings were completely ruined! They couldn’t move anymore. Is this a common problem with esk8s? Is this something that could happen with every longboard because of old bearings, or is this something to worry about during the build of the pulley system? I screwed the pulley into my wheel cause i had wheels without holes, could this cause this kind of problem? Does someone here has had a similar problem?

Bearings go bad it’s a fact of life in skateboarding. Dirt and water get into the bearings any they start to slow down over time especially if you have crappy bearings. Also eboard wheels spend a lot faster then what wheels spin on a normal basis that is not bombing hills. Drilling your bolt directly into your wheels can cause problems because it weakens the urethane and can cause them to chunk. They sell flywheel clones that are like 20 bucks.

Ok, but if I buy just some new bearings i will be ok? Or I could have this problem again soon?

what bearing do you have? Buy new bearings and it should be fine also you should clean them every so often how long since you first got them?

Abec 7, and I never changed them since I got my loaded vanguard, I hope this was just caused by old bearings. Do you have some advice on what bearings are best to buy?

Abec 7 is a rating not a brand. Which actually is a false Chinese marketing thing because most skate bearings are at most abec 3. Get some quality bearings like bones, independent bearings, zealous or bronson bearings.

ok thanks, i’ll check them out

It’s important to have spacer between bearings and speed rings on each side or run built ins like zealous. You should be able to fully tighten the wheel axle nut with no added friction. If the pulley is misaligned it can cause stress on bearings and belts