Broken brand new VX2 remote from flipsky *UPDATED*

Hello forum. My build is coming along and most of the parts are here now. I ordered a VX2 remote from flipsky late last year. It arrived december 14th and i opened the box. Everything checked out, great, put it back in the box and left it. I opened it 2/3 days ago and tried to power it on. It vibrates like it should but now the display is not turning on.

I have been in contact with flipsky over their live chat. It takes 10-30 minutes for them to respond to everything i send. They asked me to OPEN IT UP to see if something was obviously wrong. I get it, shipping it back to them is a pain, but what if i was an ordinary user who never touches electronics? How am i supposed to see if something is wrong?

With that being said i do have some experience with electronics and from what i can see without taking the whole thing apart, it looks fine. I’m gonna make one more try with the support and after that ill probably dissemble it and try and go at it with a multi meter and see if any connections are bad.

Has anyone of you had similar experiences? Is there any hope with the support or should i just go ahead and order a new remote elsewhere?

Many thanks!

30mins response time, they are being helpful. Don’t have to be an expert, they just want to check some things together with you. I’m sure if you can’t get to a resolution, they’ll send a replacement nonetheless. I’ve had good experience with CS.

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Yes i know. I just found in unprofessional. I forgot to mention that they asked me if i have tried charging the remote, which by all means is a perfectly reasonable question. But they never got back to me after i answered. Now after they “ignored” me (probably due to it being after their working hours) the chat is gone. I don’t mind them not having the time to sit 24/7 of course but they could have said that their hours were up.

I know what i got myself into from the start, usually CS is never astonishing with these type of companies. And i will give it another try, i want to give them another chance as i of course wants to get the issue resolved.

If you have had good experience then that’s a great sign. Maybe the rep had a bad day or lots of work, i’m not giving up on them :slight_smile: just wanted to see if this was the rule or the exception.

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So an update to the situation. Now 20 days later the issue has come to a conclusion. After the y determined that shipping takes to long and costs to much to send my remote back to them (totally reasonable) they said that they can give me a discount. So what discount do they give for a factory broken product? 10%… So the same discount they are currently offering everyone else at the Chinese New Year. So yeah, never buying anything from them again, i would save more going to Aliexpress or Banggood buying their products there.