Broken component on flipsky vesc 4.20 plus


Does anyone know what this part is or what is does

Try contacting after sales service. Vesc is open source so the knowledge should be publicly available. Im sure they will help!

Almost looks like a crystal from the photo, I’m not sure though it isn’t very clear. Does it have any writing on the top?

It looked like it was made out of glass or somthing similar ,with a strip on it. It was so small so i did happen to lose it. I cant seem to get power through the vesc now if i spin the wheels by hand i can get the blue led to light up but thats it.


A clear picture from above would really help. Maybe you could take one yourself. :smile:

Pretty sure that’s a crystal, as to why an antispark would one is beyond me. Maybe they wanted precision timing for turn on and turn off?

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Do you think this is why it wont power on now

Yes, because the mcu needs the crystal to function.

I wonder how easy it is to solder in🤔