Broken DRV8302 chip

I was holding down the throttle key on my remote and once the motor started spinning, remote didn’t connect anymore, so I found out that the DRV8302 chip was broken. I asked a local electrician to fix it and he said that he would repair the VESC for about 40-50€. I’m located in EU, Estonia and is there anyone in EU who is able to fix the VESC for not that steep of a price? (also I have no idea what caused it to burn/short)

Price seems fair for a local guy. Here in north america, our regional guy charges 40$ and you have to ship it to him in Canada.

@icon I am servicing them in Europe. You might have seen me selling VESCs that I bought broken,repaired and sold to the community for cheaper then new to help someone out with budget etc I am located in Slovakia not sure what shipping from you over here is but return shipping is included in 30€ that I charge for a repair right now, I will launch my website (repairs and shop) hopefully this or next week. Pm me if interested :slight_smile: