Broken gears and a slab of fiberglass

Alright everyone I’m noob… but totally fabricating my own things from broken gears and a slab of fiberglass and metal for free and belt and gear from a buddy, I have had to take lots of time fabricating the case but getting 8s lipo, esc 100a opto so because it needs a bec the one I found has 6-12s but says 20a is that safe? And receiver is 4.5 to 6v not specified. Battery says 12,000mah so I want it ,everything together so far has been around 220 usd . Can I get some advice or comments dudes

So is the esc 20a or 100a?

I’m very confused by your wording.

Esc is 100a the bec is 20a but says goes 6s-12s

Sorry about wording


Those will work just fine :slight_smile:

Your pulley is a v belt? Im not sure how well your pulley will do with no teeth. Maybe you should put a belt tensioner on it or somethig

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Haha yeah I was thinking that xD have a spare part tensioner from firebird I’ll swap a v-belt pulley on it, I mean hey it’s ghetto fabrication haha xD

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Thank you for the help on the electronics mate! Input always appreciated too!

The amount of dust getting under that belt will stop it from gripping, making it tighter will kill your battery. I tried a belt like that on my gas skateboard like 15 years ago after the chain broke and I couldn’t find a replacement. Interesting setup with those wheels though. 8s voltage with 20A is under 600W, at that power level you won’t go faster than 10mph.(edit:20A is for the bec not the esc, i should read better) You will need at LEAST 2,000W, and I recommend not going below 3kw.

3000w / 29.6v = 101A.

I don’t want to kill your dream, I want to see everyone dream a little bigger (faster, stronger, better).

and what happens if your shoelace or frayed pants get caught in the belt?


I have rubber on my back gear it grips at 5-10mph no problem with little slack on the DC brushed rs775 saw motor I tested with that 120mah 18v lithium ion battery. But faster idk and here’s the 150 esc stats on the used one I’m getting I need to buy the bec though. Please help dude

See I’m confused that it says 20a , up to 12s lipo

The hobbyking yep will not work because of the low amps.(edit: continued mistake.) The aerostar should work to give you the power, but your brushed motor wont connect to it.

A small scooter with a brushed motor will have a compatible motor controller though. Go dumpster diving or thrift shopping for a razor or currie scooter and hack it up.

I have a 180kv brushless should I spend the money for everything for the brushless or dumpster dive haha, this will be my college daily rider

@thisrealhuman his BEC is 20A his ESC is 120A at 12s. He will be fine


Sure enough, I get home to a big monitor instead of a little phone and it all becomes clear!

The Aerostar ESC will work great with 180kv, and the HK Yep 20A Bec will be enough to power the receiver and any accessories you need like headlights, usb, deer spotting lights, wench, cigarette lighter.

A 180kv motor at 8s will be plenty of power for those wheels. I don’t know the drive ratio for your pulleys, otherwise I’d calculate THAT, but with 15t/36 you’ll hit 24mph. I have ridden wheels like that, i KNOW how heavy they are, so your brakes really need to work without slipping or killing your power.

A smaller motor gear will slip, a larger gear will rob you of power and overheat the motor when stopping. If i ever get around to motorizing the xt clones i have i’ll use 13T/40t and use 12s/150kv for a max of 21mph. I wouldnt’ want to go faster with that much weight.

My first attempt at building an esk8 was hacked out of a Currie e300 and a dumpstered longboard. It didn’t work, so spend the money, you really do get what you pay for.

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Thank you again