Broken motor magnet

Is there any saving this motor or should i just buy a new one? I had this coming I suppose; not enough motor clearance. P_20190109_200158

You can get a new magnet and try epoxy it in, after that “battle harden” the whole thing.

But quite honestly, you’re better off just buying a new motor, unless you want the challenge.


How long do you have the motor? If it’s not too old motor that could be a warranty case and you could get a new bell. Or you can as @torqueboards if they can sell you a replacement bell. That’s definitely cheaper than to buy a new motor. Like @brenternet said you could also break out the broken magnet and replace it with a new one and glue it in with green loctite. If you find a source for motor magnets than please let me know too :sweat_smile: I had a lot of broken magnets in the last time :grimacing::see_no_evil:

6374 motor? Mine broke aswell and there is plenty of people having issues with the tb 6374. Don’t know if they had a bad batch or something. Tons of videos on YouTube with this loose/broken magnets issue on these motors. 20181227_114013 :frowning:

@Bjork3n its the 6374 :sweat_smile:
@Andy87 I’ve had it for just shy of a month. To be fair its more my fault for not having enough clearance. I must have bashed it on my last ride. @torqueboards do you sell spare bells? :thinking:

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Not surprised :joy:. Mine had not been bashed and it had only been used for 3 charge cycles. It’s a common fault on these it seems. Contact them and see if they can send you some spare magnets or the complete bell. I decided to ditch my tb motors on my build and use something more reliable.

I have spare magnets if you pay for shipping. Also, I have a few cans (no shaft) available, $50 a piece.




I repaired a Turnigy SK3 6374 about 8 months ago with JB Weld and my son is still using it, he jumps off curbs and still going strong. I ended up buying a new one just incase it didnt work, so i just made mine into a dual with the new one i bought.


Did you just glue in the broken bit in place? Or a new magnet?

Edit: i might give this a shot before i go ordering a new one :slight_smile:

Edit2: i ordered some of that JB weld and glued the broken piece in place. I was itching to ride so I took it out after 7-8ish hours. Performs just as I’m used to.Thanks for that tip

I though @torqueboards was using some mechanical fastener in some motors. Anyone have a pic? Can’t imagine it being done without having to have wasted magnets and space. And even the little magnet holders almost all of us use now cost a lot. I imagine especially w curved magnets. Would be more precise n smaller gap possible I’m also assuming.

But how to get a broken magnet out without breaking the others. Maybe some suuuper glue connecting it to something.

We have some spare magnets. Email us.

@SkyTheEpic - We have spare belts.

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Hey, I sent an e-mail a few days ago about this :slight_smile: Thanks

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Are u doing mechanical magnet holding without glue on some of ur motors these days?

Somebody said so about the 6380 motors :thinking: intersted if that’s true @torqueboards if yes they will be probably my next order :sweat_smile:

Mind if I ask if you are still using the motor with the broken Magent? How is it holding?

Id also like to know if using jb weld is preferred over green loctite


after i repaired the 1 magnet i had two other magnet in that motor break. i ended up buying a new one in the end.

@SkyTheEpic :cry:

@Hummie Yeah, pretty much they’ve all been without glue. However, next batch I am planning on adding epoxy around the motor can to fill in magnet gaps and seal in the magnets. I think overall it will be better and more durable. It’s not too common someone actually replaces a magnet. We’ll have a few motor cans with magnets if anyone wanted a spare motor can to swap out.


Where do we get one? (: