Broken retaining ring on motor pulley?

pulley has anyone else has this issue with the @torqueboards motor pulleys? the last one I had I ran for a little under a year and had this failure so I thought it might just be a fluke and this one has been literally only a couple of weeks. If I had to guess, a rock got stuck between the belt and retaining ring and caused it to sheer off but I feel like it would need to be exceptionally weak for that to happen. I will most likely just weld on a washer or something and I’ll be fabbing up a belt guard. any input on why this happened and how to prevent it is welcome.

If you’re local. Send us an email. We’ll send you a new one.

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I live in oregon so not sure if texas would be considered local

They’re press fit on flanges. They do come off rather easily


@Vampiresquid64 yeah local = usa :smile: , send us an email.

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happened to me too lmao