Broken torqueboards motor mount?

Have any of you guys ever seen this? I built this board for a customer with a torqueboards welded motor mount and the thing snapped on one side, causing it to bend.

It wasn’t hit, and there is no damage to the motor… It just snapped.

Here are some pics, but I need to get it sorted out as soon as possible, and I’d rather not buy a whole other mount setup… My warranty was limited, but this is clearly the boards fault and not from a riders actions, do its covered. If I saw a massive sent or something on the Mount I’d question it, but all the paint is still there and the only damage is at the break site.

@cmatson - It seems that old batch of motor mounts were a bit fragile.

I have some new motor mounts coming in. I’d be happy to send you one of those as a replacement.

Shoot me an email.


Will do appreciate it man!

Speaking of great customer service


Agreed. TorqueBoards is one of the best I’ve ever seen


just today he’s already suggest someone send back their remote, replaced a set of dual esc’s, and is going to send me a new motor mount… the guy backs his products!

sent him an email, so we should be back up and running soon!

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Yup I have had a good experience with his stuff too. He let me send back a mount for his newer v4 mount at no cost a while ago. Also Dexter from the live chat is a super helpful guy! Totally recommend anything on his website!!!

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I think Dexter is @torqueboards

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Lol my same though. Just didnt want to make any false assumptions.

Nicely done @torqueboards. Good to see the support and going the extra mile for a customer.

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