Broken VESC. Help!

Just noticed when i removed shrink wrap that there is broken component on the right side of drv chip. That coil or something. Haven’t tried power this yet, because i don’t know should i be worried about that broken part?

photos? …

Oh i totally forgot

The inductor seems to chip easily. I would not worry about it.

Pretty sure the outside covering is just a protection layer and only the core is ferromagnetic? I don’t think it adds to the coils performance at all.

You should be fine.

Maybe you can repair it with a little bit of Sugru?

About Sugru

Up to 180°C, it should be fine

I don’t think that a chip off the “lid” like that will cause something to explode, but I don’t remember what it’s being used for. Like Pantologist said, the core is what matters.

It is for the boost/buck converter.

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Hmm. If it works, I would still check all the voltages and voltage readings, in case it throws any calibration off.

This type of inductor are prone to this kind of superficial damage, and it won’t be a problem… Just make sure that the missing part is not flotting around on the pcb… and you would be fine.