Broken VESC not sure why

Hi, for my college project i have been building an electric skateboard. The circuit is very simple as the VESC plugs directly into the battery and into the motor with the reciever being powered from the ppm cable on the VESC. The Vesc was working fine although the motor would “stutter” if i pushed the throttle too quickly or reached 80+% throttle. I have a 4.12 vesc, mboards 6s2p battery and an mboards 6355 motor and i followed the mboards video on how to configure the vesc. The vesc suddenly made a shorting noise and will not turn on or be detected by windows. If anyone could help spot a mistake ive made or any values ive inputted incorrectly that would help greatly, thank you.


Sounds like your battery is to small. The pop noise, no bueno. What kind of esc is it


What pushed you into choosing Mboards? How did you hear about them?


I had same type of short on mine but I think it probably most certainly had something to do with the rain I was riding in . I was going great then stoped at the bread shop and wouldn’t go. I spun my wheels and saw the blue light on my vesc come on and off when I stopped. then I decided to go old school and then I heard a short noise and smelly smoke and no work since

It is a VESC, 4.12

After searching for the parts needed i found their website and they sold everything i needed

im sorry to hear that it broke for you too, did you build your esk8 yourself?

I’m guessing a drv thing popped.

How did you find them?

just over the internet as i was looking for motors and batteries etc.

do you have any idea why that may have happened, im happy to share more photos if need be

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The only time I’ve blown one is connecting power without antispark in place. Post some more pics of your wiring and whatnot.

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But what did you type, and into what?

Did you put words into Google? Youtube? Facebook? FacebookIG?

What words?


same as @Crisfell I connected my VESC 4.12 with no anti-spark after it had encountered a fault, that made it spark and ruined the connector. I think the power stage had been blown before I plugged it in and reconnecting the battery made it blow up further.

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after connecting the VESC back up to the battery and motor, i noticed what i assume to be a diode labelled d5 on the board getting extremely hot to the point it melted its own solder and the heatshrink plastic near it. after placing a tempurature gauge on the diode it moved as the solder was melted but the blue power light came back on and my computer could see it through the usb again. not sure what this means but i hope it helps

my battery and vesc come with xt60 plugs which i believe to be antispark

im not sure honestly, I was searching in google for the different sizes of motor and i think it advertised the site to me. i typed 6355 motor as that seemed to be a common size

Hmm. Is vesc tool reading it now? @b264 what you think

yes the vesc tool can see it now, i havent tried to run the motor or plug my arduino (reciever) into it incase it isnt working properly. when I accidentally moved that diode yesterday i believe I removed it from the circuit altogether. i tried looking for a schematic of the vesc to find what it does but no luck.

It might be D5 here.

If so, it’s just an overvoltage protection diode and it should work without it. Did you connect anything higher than 5V to the 5V line?

It might be Mouser part# 576-SMAJ5.0A