Broken VESC or Motor?

Hi guys,

I’m running an APS 5065 220kv (with sensors) on a 8S battery pack and a Maytech VESC. Two days ago I accomplished my build and tested it. It worked fine so far (used it in sensorless BLDC configuration, no FOC) since yesterday the motor stoped working properly.

Now the motor does not spin anymore, when I give throttle it does nothing or wobbles a bit with worrying noises. Turning the motor per hand works fine though.

Unfortunately I do not have another ESC or motor to test which of these two is broken. So do you have any suggestions? Or can I measure somehow if one of the components works properly?

Thanks a lot!

Oh okay, done some research and cable wobbling and it seems that one cable to the motor has a loose contact. Glad it isn’t the VESC :sweat_smile:

Did that fix it? If not try shorter motor mount screws. My old motor mount screws were shorting the motor which caused it not to spin.


no, it was definitely the loose cable. I even can pull it out of the motor :sweat_smile: