Broken Winning Remote. Is it dead?

Things are not looking good for my winning nano remote that I bought from DIY. I was going too fast and braked too hard sending me off my board. Meanwhile my remote decided to become superman and flew about 20 feet away before sliding across the asphalt. Knees are bloody, but the worst part is that my nano remote doesn’t show much sign of life.

When I flip on the power switch, it only turns on sometimes(as indicated by the led), and when it does, it wont connect or bind to my receiver. It will still charge. I tested the battery with a voltmeter and it read 4.07 volts.

I highly doubt this controller will see the light of day again but possible someone knows how this remote is wired, and has a cheap/free fix. Here are some pictures, everything looks fine which is odd because i’m 99.9% sure physical damage broke it. The white residue is from the double sided tape holding down the battery.

Check the connections on the power switch. Make sure it didn’t rip away from it’s solder points or something.

Looks like the connections are good. I’ll just buy a new one

Winning remotes are unreliable for a lot of people as is, I wouldn’t want to use it if it’s broken

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Don’t throw it away! We’re a DIY community man! :wink: I managed to fix mine. I measured the board and couldn’t really find anything. Reflowed all the solder joints, still no results. Then I decided the switches looked pretty crappy. Replaced the main power switch etc voila! Fixed! :slight_smile: