Bronze wires for motor winding.?

I was stumbling on the internet, I came across this.

Are they saying that their motor has bronze winding?

In General, Motor winding is made up of copper. (Few cheaper motors has Aluminium). was wondering whether i misunderstood the statement or they are actually using bronze wires for motor winding.

Any Thoughts??

I think it is a nice marketing way of saying they use copper-tin alloy. The “Pure” composition of Bronze is 88% Copper, 12% Tin, if we can consider that pure ;).

Here’s more info:


But if we compare the conductivity of Bronze wrt to copper, bronze has very low conductivity.

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Probably just a dumbass Chinese translation.

Or marketing speech for we did not want to spend money on pure copper.

Very much doubt it’s bronze. Probably copper. Especially with a little hub motor you need to keep the I2R loses(copper losses) low and you’d need a good conductor like copper

…or gold :anger_right:

Copper is better than gold silver better than copper

I want platinum windings.

Silver is the best. Less resistance. less increase of resistance with heat. Better thermal transfer and ability to conduct away heat. Graphene would be the only thing better if it ever becomes available. If it becomes easier to make…the world and motors especially will change drastically

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You are right. Why is gold so expensive then? Copper should be more expensive in my eyes, what can you do with gold that makes it so expensive? Just an equivalent for money?

seems to be a bolstered contrived value. silver looks nicer and has antibacterial properties besides being the best thermal and electrical conductor.

Gold is valuable because of it’s half life.

copper kind of looks vaguely like bronze. Maybe that’s it?

Probably :wink:

Gold is the least corrosive material other than platinum. Hence it is more valuble.

I know a guy/company working on something like this. Not too far from now that will be doable but manufacturing in large quantities safely and economically is quite a challenge