Brushless hub-motor for nickel build

Hi everyone,

I am writing this post because I have recently came up with an idea about an e-skate, but I need some help to clarify some details:

  1. I want to use a medium size board (nickel size) with as little drag from the motors as possible, so I was thinking about a single hub motor (brushless). I have read that with a hub brushless motor you can ride your board (power off) just as it was a normal one (with very little drag from the motor). The question is: what if my motor is running and I kick push? Do I get drag from it? Do I spoil it?

  2. I have searched the internet for these hub motors, but I have been able to find only a few, not so inspiring: I have read the general post where there are suggestions, but I haven’t been able to find those hub motors on the internet (there are no links): do you know where I could get one not too expensive? (under 150$)

Happy to clarify any point, if I have been unclear.

Thanks! Although cheap, I don’t trust these things man. Unless approve by the people on this site. TorqueBoard has one and has the urethane replacement too. I’m doing something pretty similar to you but I’m trying out the chain drive instead of HUB…for now. Now I WANT small HUB motor that has zero drag but more than likely I’ll go with 90mm HUB since small HUB gets hot pretty fast and has some kind of drag but not like belt drive system. To be honest with you, you can’t find HUB for cheap with the specification that you want.

Thanks for the quick response!

The TORQUE hub kit is 280$ :frowning:

Anyway, i believe that the chain drive is much more complex to build, and it takes more space, doesn’t it? So you’d suggest to go with the larger hub (90mm)? How would it fit on a nickel size board?

And what about the drag while powered on? Does it get spoilt if kick-pushed while running?

EDIT: I have found these kits, what do you guys think?

I bought the banggood hubs just for shits and giggles while i am waiting for my carvons, and i tell you they are pretty solid for the price. I am running them sensored FOC style canbus style on a couple of FOCBoxes and am pretty happy with them. The rear wheels feel hard compared to the 90mm flywheels i put on the front truck but using that combination makes the whole board feel ok. I am impressed with these hubs and believe they are maytech refurbs. If you’re just jumping in, i’d recommend these. I bought the black set. Running them 10s2p to keep weight down.

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What do you mean?

What about the drag you get if you kick-push your board while you’re going? :slight_smile:

I mean how the board feels. Wheels play a major role. There is drag but not as much as a dual belt drive. I don’t think you can buy any electric skateboard motor (hubs or not) that won’t have some kind of drag.

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If you want the cheapest hubs possible then the first ones you linked are your best option

make sure the HUB motor FIT the truck you have. Chain isn’t that complicate. It’s just like belt drive. But I would prefer HUB since they are actually competing against belt drive now. I’d say buy it from TorqueBoard or wait til the carvon HUB. Expensive yes, but rather that than bombing downhill and have that shit flying off you truck.

90mm hubs would probably be too big for a Nickel sized board. I’d go with either of these 70mm or 83mm motors, they don’t have swappable urethane but their the right kV and size.

They can work but if he wants to go up any hills they will probably burn up. @caprabianca is it possible to diy your own hub?

Yeah, unless you’re running 4wd or something like enertions motors don’t expect to get anywhere near the performance of a typical belt drive. Even if you make the hub yourself, you still need to get a huge stator to keep heat at bay if you’re trying to get up hills.

Yep you will need a nice big stator. You want at least 50mm in diameter and 30long. I’m planning a diy hub build with a modded 6374 sk3

Guys do you know if I spoil the hub or the VESC if I kick-push while it is running?

Guys I need some pieces of information to keep elaborating my project, cause I feel stuck. I can’t figure out how to understand this hub motor specifics

In particular, what does output power 450W means? As far as I know wattage is Volts*Ampere, so what does it mean in this case? :open_mouth:

Second, I can see internal resistance is 0.557-0.577. Are those parameters in Ohm?

Last, if idle current of the motor is 0.5 with 22A max (which seems to be low to me, isn’t it?), I just need something like a 5000mAh 10C battery (or even lower, 3000-4000mAh)?

Am I doing the math correctly/ am I missing something? :fearful:

Thanks a lot!

The output power is just the max amps times the max voltage. I would guess that the internal is in fact in ohms as you said.

If you work it out the battery you have said would theoretically work but in the real world it won’t. Mostly because the voltage will start to sag and you will most likely have quick peaks of higher amps when accelerating and going up hills

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So would you suggest a battery with higher C rating? How about 4000mAh? Is that enough?

Well it depends how much range you are looking for and what voltage you will be using

I bought a £80 single hub 'fish plate’s from germany, and im in the process of adding 7s in parallel and switching decks to a longer one, 13mph is all I need.