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Brushless Motor Repair

Anyone know the best way to see if a person can repair a brushless motor?

what kind of motor is it?

Emp and an ntm both 50-60

not me then sometimes i can just move a wire or two in an sk3 tho

Most any motor can be repaired or rewired with careful handiwork.
Recently we had a motor rewired for our pellet stove pellet feed auger motor which was not powerful enough to break apart the pellets that were stuck together due to moisture. We took it to a friend that re-wires elevator motors and he rewired it to have more power. Works like a champ now.

Yeah don’t really know who to look for … Do I look up brushless motor repair in the yellow pages? :nerd_face:

I’m following this because i have an older enertion r-spec 245 that needs to be re-wound due to physical damage. Everything’s fine except the leads tore right at the stator. I’m hoping somebody can be found.

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Somebody pop out of the woodwork :anguished:

If you’ve got an RC hobby store nearby you could propably see if they help with it, though that might get expensive fast.

Ugh…I know…but they seem to be and unfriendly lot here in Las Vegas … I’ll just have to see.

U can rewind it. The easiest rewind is probably an LRK wind as its on every other tooth. If you look it up you’ll find a diagram. Also can be a better performer depending on the motor. Your rewind is likely to be better than the mult-strand stuff that’s was on it.
Is it just the wire having shorted that’s the problem?

Getting the wires off and on again can take a lot of hours though and sometimes the windings are held with epoxy and should be heated. It’s definitely a huge time saver to find the 3 leads and take them off together…I mean if it’s an 8 strand wind per motor lead take all 8 strands off together.

Make sure you follow the winding pattern exactly: the starts and ends and which is going to the next tooth and also don’t get impatient and start hacking or pulling too hard when unwinding as you can remove the epoxy that’s on the stator especially the sharp edge and you’ll need it all there to protect the new wire from scratching off its insulation when u rewind. (I know all the screw-ups you can make from experience). Hacking will damage the laminates of the stator as well
An LR meter is a huge help for checking for shorts in the new wind, or the old, and also seeing how good a winding you’re putting on
And see if u can count how many turns around each tooth was on there when u pull it off…maybe do the same or change it if u want to change the kv.

I doubt anyone will do it for you commercially. Never seen that.

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