BTR leathers (downhill leather jumpsuits)

Been eyeing these for a few weeks. Think I know what I’m getting myself for Christmas. Would be great to have something like this not only for esk8 but for the few times a year I get to go do downhill runs. Maybe not daily wear but still. Anybody know much about them? Thoughts?


Didn’t you wanted to start a group buy??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Group buy all the things

*I think it’s important people know my auto-correct originally put “group buy all the thongs”


Leather thongs anyone?


been thinking about these for a while now, thing that stopped me is how often am i going to wear these vs my pad set that said when/if I even regularly go over 40mph I suspect these will be essential

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This is a wise investment for those who like to push the limits of speed

@sk8l8r Hit the asphalt at any speed and your gonna loose skin.

With leathers, you can get up and keep going.


Yes please. Wouldn’t be going duel 6374 on 12s for my first build if I didn’t lol

Can be worn when taking our the trash, laundry day, cold nights in the winter as pjs, it’s technically a suit so weddings, office parts, funerals if you get it in Black. So many uses. You would be wasting money on several other outfits that this thing can do all of. Pays for itself lol


Its like nothing happened lol. Also I noticed Surfrodz :drooling_face:


Wow he got straight back up. Definitely proved they work. He felt it… moving gingerly looked back to see his left arm…still there lol Nice tuck and roll…great muscle memory. He’s one tuff boy.

The leathers definitely get the tick in the burn through time protection.

Nice of you @Skunk to point out there many uses lol

@Wraith must have been TKP’s lol I hope.

How does anyone feel about the Demon Flex Force Pro Body Armour as an alternative?

Made for snowboarders, skiers mountain biking lightweight, flexible materials the don’t have the burn through slide protection for road which is really the point. In summer they would be more comfortable as we ride for longer maybe we would be more likely to use them. They focus on impact and are on special at the moment in most sizes at Absolute-Snow UK

SAS-Tec ribcage, elbow, shoulder, spine pads: A soft foam with shock absorbing properties Additional collarbone padding protection Fully ventilated underarm and side Redesigned for use all year round, perfect for both snow sports and mountain biking Neck brace compatible Adjustable elbow straps for a better fit and wrist supports Front zipper entry Fully CE EN 1621-1

What do you think?


Ouch that looked painful :neutral_face:

Imagine doing that in shorts and a T-shirt


took a roll last year on a hill in Virginia wearing my TSG and revzilla kevlar jeans and shirt, was doing 40 when i hit the pavement.

that shit saved my life and i don’t go past runout speed without it.


If only there was a forum of protection against city buses. @longhairedboy


I’ve been taking some martial arts classes to defend myself against vehicles. This is from last week’s session:


I like how we’re all different and using these boards for different reasons. My rides are leisurely strolls at 10mph with a £10 coffee in one hand and my clutch purse full of tampons in the other hand (control the board with sheer manifest hatred). I never had a specific place to be and never have a time limit.

Any speed can break bones and crush helmets I know, but I’m definitely not out pushing the envelope every day. A sturdy helmet and the knowledge that I’m going to eat pavement at some point every month and have to go home to a wife’s judgement is all the protection I need.



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yeah runout for me is like 18-20mph. 99% of the time that’s all i’m doing anyway because i just like carving around mostly. Most recently i’ve been commuting to work but just in a helmet because i’m still only maintaining those kinds of speeds.

Virginia was the result of me starting a fight in a strange bar, so to speak.


Every time I hurt myself on a board I tell myself I need to dial it back. And then usually before the injuries even finished healing I think f*** that and go bomb a hill. I’ve lost count of how many broken bones I’ve had. And I quite literally can’t remember how many concussions I’ve had because you know concussions… Still… my first build I’m going 12s on 6374s. So I haven’t learned a thing. Lol Although you guys did all guilt me into wearing helmets now.


Call it whatever you like, as long as you protect your melon and we’re not all here in 3 months discussing your demise.

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