Budget 1st Board Revamp. - Arbor Deck - APS - Advice?

So I built my 1st board around 5 years ago, with little to no knowledge, other then I wanted to be able to Ride my existing configuration, as I am a longboarder by nature.

It was held together with gutter clips so I could take everything off and ride the board naturally with my jealous friends on the fly.

I havent tried powering on the esc in years, I no longer have the battery, and I broke the controller from. Im ready to revamp this thing on a budget.

Abec 11 flywheels 83mm Alien drive systems motor mount 63mm (have 2 sets) Alien power systems (6374?) 170kv motor Caliber 2 50 trucks Alien power systems dual car 12s esc (want to replace with something different) Turningy Nanotech a-spec 10s? Lipo battery (gone) Some random rc controller (gone)

Here are some GREAT photos of AWESOME craftsmanship i dug up from the past.


I was looking at throwing thin on http://www.diyeboard.com/electric-skateboard-battery-esc-power-kit-10s5p-10ah-360wh-p-526.html for a quick solution, and using the dual esc option for a future budget build. Thoughts?

Or am I better off getting a FocBox, another controller, and a cheap 10s/12s battery?

I eventually want to mill this board out a little and build a pack for it, really make it shine, but money is tight for a couple months.

Any help/advice is appreciated, and I will update this post as I go along.

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I’ve got that esc brand new I could sell you $200 and I can ship it tomorrow.

I think you misunderstood, I want to use a different ESC. I was not a fan of the programming options on that one. Mine still works as far as I know.

Oh sorry. The flipsky vesc 6.6 derivative seems to be a great option for robust budget builds

Or any 4.12 depending on how tight on cash you are. 10s BLDC runs just fine on normal 4.12

Any suggestions on a decent remote to pair with it?

I like the thumb throttle of the nano from collections/remote-controller/products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller