Budget AT setup (Upgraded to Paris baseplates and riptide pivot cups)

I recently purchased @dickyho airless Budget At setup and it is awesome. Definitely some pros and cons but overall its a very quality product for a very inexpensive price. Im using two 6374 sk3 with a dual flipsky 4.20. The sk3’s have been a pain in the ass!!! They have these little nipples that make it a pain in the ass to mount them in dual rear. I was not going to buy new motors for this setup so I set them up in dual diagonal. Also have it in bldc mode… so now for the pros and cons Pros -The ride is very smooth and the tires roll over most debris with ease. Feel very safe -Even at high speed the tires and board feel stable. -Off road feels just as good as on the road. Mounts and pulleys very easy to assemble and tighten. Love how good these motor mounts hold! I may get a set for anoither build

Cons -Bushings and other hardware feel inferior. Def need new pivot cups.

Thats really the only bad thing I could say about the kit… the dual diagonal bdlc does cause me to drift to the right if i decelerate too fast. Also my board does get a little bit of wheel bite so i may cut out some material. Did get 32mph on a 15/44t. All in all im very very happy. It is totally a different board than my spud. Eventually i may buy another set of pulleys and four wheel drive it…I get why i got those sk3 so cheap now i know why lol

By the way, I tried running foc mode but it fails detection because there seems to be some resistance or the wheel is too big? Any suggestions?image image image


Maybe you can’t use foc since sk3 are sensorless?

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You should be able to run sensorless FOC.

Try removing the wheel and belt and run detection again.

Also nice deck protector


I think Im gonna get another set from @akhlut and make it my signature on my builds


You can definitely run FOC with sensorless motors. Just run high enoigh amps and you wont have cogging on starts. Also, when youre detecting, if it fails, tweak the duty a little till it runs a good detection.


What do you suggest? I do have two graphene 5s lipos in series but im using a flipsky dual… Would it work if i did the detection with the belt off?


Go higher. Use .05 or .5 (dont have the tool open atm) increments when tweaking. With each increment youll notice the motor responding better. Just increase till you get detection. Different motors will have different tweak values.


What values do i want to increase?

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Duty cycle

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Let me know if you decide to get new pivot cups, I’ve been thinking about replacing mine that came with the kit as well since there is some slop to them. Also, if you’re thinking about replacing bushings check that the height of them will fit since the kingpin is pretty short on the baseplates.

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@Bobby that get you going?

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Charging the battery at the moment…

Dude, this is awesome, love the Motor set up, better traction

Just gotfa put in foc so its a little smoother accelerating and braking… @chrischo1996, these are paris clones right? Essentially a different paris baseplate with a longer kingpen and riptide pivot cups for paris trucks should work?


The build looks really nice. Love your deck and griptape design

I guess with this deck u cant put mounts in different height? That would be one way how to avoid diagonal setup though might look a bit weird since 63 is quite beefy and u would need to position them quite afar from each other

Theoretically yes

Bout a pair of paris baseplates for $10. Unfortunately muirskate was closed So i couldnt get riptide pivot cups… gonna switch out the baseplate and bushings tonight


Let us know how that goes

Boyyy oh boy… what a different some baseplates and bushings make. The turns are much smoother and it feels more controlled under my feet… also, bldc in dual diagnosis is NOT recommended!!! The push and pull of each motor makes it pretty hard to control when you decelerate and accelerate! FOC mode however feels great. Super


No more slop in the pivot cup? Also where did you get your baseplates from? Can’t find them for a good price anywhere.