Budget Build | Diyeboard 10S2P Kit | WowGo Deck | N5055 Dual Motor |

Hello guy, this is my first electric board build, so with the amount of research on this forums and looked at a few kits and reviews, I decided to order a Diyeboard 10S2P Kit on diyeboard.com, my current plan was to get the 36″ Bamboo and Maple Wood Deck on diyeboard but they where “sold out” so once I got my refund on that I went on

and order a 38" WowGo Deck with the same exact specs as the one on diyeboard, same screw holes and uses the same enclosers as the one uses on the kit. I recently received the tracking numbers for the 10S2P Kit and WowGo Deck, so I’ll keep you guys updated and photos once the products arrive.

10S2P Battery& ESC & Dual Motor Belt Drive Power Truck Kit 83*52

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2288/1981/products/IMG_0997_1280x1280.jpg?v=1536547311 38" WowGo Deck


The DIYeboard enclosure probably won’t fit on the Wowgo deck. I have a DIYeboard kit and just bought enclosures from Ownboard (same as Wowgo) and find out they don’t line up with the holes. Also, DIYeboard esc sucks, save your money and get dual VESC it’d be much better.

Well I’ll found out once the deck and kit arrive, thanks for letting me know, I never thought of that, if the holes doesn’t match up then I’ll have to drill a few holes, yeah I’ll definitely save my money up for a dual Vesc for sure, do you know any good dual Vesc that are good?

I currently have 2 flipsky 4.12 that I don’t use. Bought them for $85 each on their website 2 months ago. I’m getting their new dual 4.20 so those need to go. I can let them go for $70 each. They haven’t been used much, probably less than 5 miles ridden.

Flipsky dual esc has good reviews and you can set braking power. Be careful DIYeboard ESC brake really hard and trucks is breaking. Please… wear protected gears.

with the 10s 2p battery that diyeboard uses you will get tons of voltage sag and not much mileage (I have tried it) so mabe consider upgrading the battery.

I’ll definitely upgrade to either a 10S4P or almost the same size battery pack one day once I figure out what I need.

Thanks 808Chopz I’ll make sure to take my time with the controls of the board and get safety gear.

Update 09/21/2018

My WowGo Deck has just arrived. The board is in excellent condition


IMG_0963%5B1%5D It took 10 days from ordering the deck to arriving to my house which is good considering the store shipped time states 15-20 days to Canada.

IMG_0964%5B1%5D It also came with padding for the Enclosures, most likely won’t needed but just in case.

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Update 10/09/2018

So the package was supposed to arrived on October 5th but due to bad weather in the Toronto area and thanksgiving, it was delayed to October 9th, hopefully it’ll arrive today, but I won’t see the package till Saturday due to being sent to my gf’s place

Edit 15:16 10/09/2018

So the package arrived, based on the photo I gotten from my gf, it’s package really nicely, more photos coming soon…


Waiting is the worst part

Ikr, I was nervous at first but once I saw the update from the ups I was like thank god lol

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Update 09/16/2018

So I open the package on Saturday and I was amaze by the nice packaging they have done securing everything


I already added the XT60 cable and added the pads onto the wogo deck, but the holes for the battery case doesn’t match up with the 2 back holes on the deck so I’m gonna go drill a few holes through the deck and countersink all the holes a bit just because the top bolts don’t flush with the top deck they stick out a little bit.

image It came with two speed controllers for some reason, the controller on the right was with the esc so it should be the right one.

image Drill two new holes onto the deck for the battery case and counter sink all the holes a bit just to flush the bolts onto the deck. I also added black electrical tape to seal the wires that go through the top deck, by tomorrow I’ll add the grip tape I bought at a local store and put together the final product.

Also I tested the esc and the motor, everything works really well.

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