Budget Build | Dual Rear Facing 6355 195kV | Swappable Battery | 6s Lipos | Ebay Dual Esc | Chain Drive

So this is my second build and parts are starting to arrive, I thought I’d do a build thread to try and help others looking for an affordable diy option.

So far I have gotten the esc and 97mm clones. Both of these parts I ordered form @dickyho and have arrived form China within 2 weeks. Now that is just amazing service, the parts were also very well packaged and I am very happy with the quality and price. Thanks Dicky :+1:

I also sanded down and wrapped the bottom of the cheap eBay deck in carbon fibre vinyl, it looks great and costs less than $3

Parts List: 2 x 3s 5000mah lipos into diy swappable battery pack - $55

Turnigy Skateboard trucks (idk the quality just thought I’d give them a try because they have a square hanger) - $45

2 x 6354 195kV Keda motors - $110

Dual Ebay Esc - $85

97mm 78a flywheel clones - $60

Cheap eBay deck (sanded and wrapped) - already had

Homemade 3mm steel motor mounts ~$20

eBay chain drive kits - $31

Battery Medic (Hobby King) - $15

Misc ~ $50 - 60

Total - $500ish

(All costs are in Australian dollars)

I’ll keep this updated when more parts arrive


Where did you get the Keda motors from? Is it any good?

Haven’t received them yet but I got them from HobbyKing. The size in the name is back to front

Last night I had a go at building the swappable battery enclosure. It has turned out rather well.

All I need to do now is sand it down and wrap it in carbon fibre to match the deck


What material did you use for that ?

Just a bit of old wood from a drawer. Hot glue stuck it together really well

Looks pretty good ! I might do quite the same shape but with aluminium, I fear that wood isn’t resistant enough. I’ve seen a picture of a screw or nail that got all the way into the enclosure, happened while riding. I don’t want that to happen to my battery enclosure.

The wrap is OK, it would have been better if I had of waited for the primer to arrive but I was too excited to get this build underway😆

Almost done just gotta wait for some nut inserts from china so I can bolt it to the deck


Yeah thats why I have a thin steel case on the inside, if you look closely you can see it in the pictures before I wrapped it

Right! I can see it now, clever idea !

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I have now finally finish the esc case. This one took a little longer to get right because of some of the angles in the design but I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Sorry for not many pictures I forgot to take them during the building process


You can get rid of most air bubbles by making a tiny hole with a sharp end of a blade (to allow air to escape) and then pressing on the bubble. I did this on mine and I remove all bubbles.

Yeah I did that for the deck. There aren’t actually any air bubbles in the cases it just looks like it because some bits are slightly uneven since I cut and glued the wood together by hand

This took longer than I thought but I think all parts have arrived now so I will be starting to do a mock up later tonigh and will have more pictures then

Thanks HobbyKing :+1:


can you share a link for those keda motors? look good and nice size for dual config. Thanks

Search HobbyKing for Keda 195kV the size on the title is back to front

oh, yeah thanks I had already seen them but rejected them because they are only for 6s. Maybe I will rethink about it, don’t know hehe. Thanks.

Look for Keda 190kv for 10S, but I don’t know if they will fit.

they are 65mm long

I’m not quite sure if they are 6s or not. I found them being sold through Alibaba.com and they were rated for 10s