Budget Build | Dual Rear Facing 6355 195kV | Swappable Battery | 6s Lipos | Ebay Dual Esc | Chain Drive

Everything seems to work fine, the brakes on the esc at high speeds are very hard but hopefully my 2:1 gear ratio helps to reduce the force a little. I will be making the motor mount arm out of some 3.2mm steel this afternoon and using a bit of wood for the mounting piece just to test. I will go and get some scrap Alu later in the week. So far so good :laughing:

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i will have to look at that then, because if they acn handle 10s they are perfect for my set up and cheap. Thanks

How did you wire up battery’s i have soldering iron need to make 3 parallel connections

If you want to wire it in parallel all positives connect together and all negatives connect together. The balance leads can also be connected together using an adapter from HobbyKing or soldering them


Here are the two mounts I made last night out of some scrap Galvanised steel that was 3.2mm thick. These baby’s are never gonna bend. I will be filing them down and re shaping them later today.

And yes I know they look ugly af atm

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Just a quick test fit with some scrap wood.

Hopefully I will be getting some aluminium tomorrow to make the clamp out of


Everything seems to work fine it hadit’s first test ride today and the esc kept beeping at me for some reason ( I guess, low voltage?) I’ll charge it up in the morning and see how it goes

Mind the tape I’m waiting for nut inserts to arrive from china, any day soon they should arrive

I finished the mounts for now, I spent about a day and a half filing, using a hacksaw and drilling them all by hand. Later in the week I will get some paint and file them smooth and round then paint them black

Here’s a picture of the mounts, they clamp on really tight to the square HobbyKing truck hangers. They have three slots in the side that the bolts from the mounting arm bolt onto, this also give an adjustable angle

Thats all for now, I will try and update again soon with some specs like speed, range and ride quality


So here’s my review of this board. It’s f*ing fast. I hit 47km/h today on some nice smooth roads. The board is more or less finished and just needs a few little appearance upgrades (ie finish the carbon wrap, paint the mounts and sand n grip the top of the deck. Apart from that the board is in its final form

This is a list of parts I would recommend:

Keda motors, not the most powerful motors but great bang for ya buck. I have tried both the 6364 and 6356. Both are great deals and have plenty of power for me to ride 97mm wheels on a 2:1 ratio and still climb hills.

Next up is the Dual esc. It definitely isn’t he smoothest esc in terms of acceleration and brakes but once you get used to it, it’s awesome. The power of the acceleration from standstill to full throttle in fast mode is crazy. I don’t have a heat sink on mine and it hasn’t overheated in the 4 rides I’ve gone on, although I don’t have many hills where I live

97mm wheels from @dickyho, these wheels are the size they are claimed to be but not too sure about the duro? They are fine for me and have helped a lot with the rough roads and getting some extra top speed. I can’t complain at all with these wheels as they cost me $60 and arrived in less than a week

3s 5000mah lipos 30c, decent batteries as usual, great for the price

Last of all the HobbyKing trucks. Now I know lots of people don’t like these trucks but for people that weigh less than 140lbs like myself I think they are very good for the price, although I haven’t tried any other trucks apart from clones. They have a good turning radius and and a stable at higher speeds too. The only thing I dislike is the bushings make a squeaking noise which is a pita.

Things I don’t recommend:

Making your enclosures out of wood and holding it together with hot glue😂 Doesn’t go well

The chain drive kit from eBay. It is an OK set for the price but it has its problems. Doesn’t fit flywheels with out lots of modifications, only one grub screw on the motor pulley and the chain is a little bit short. Apart from that it works rather, well with no slip

The last thing I wouldn’t recommend is the IMAX B6 charger. It’s a great charger and works well but it takes a long time to charge 6s lipos. Just over two hours to charge 5000mah lipo packs. If you don’t mind charge time get it, if you want it done fast DON’T

Here are some pictures of the final product


Guys I need some help, my motor mount keep coming loose. The mount arm is joined to the clamp piece by three m4 bolts. I have already loctited and double nylon nutted the sh!t out of them. The little pieces of sh!t just keep coming loose, not loose that they will fall off or anything, but after my ride tonight when I got home there is a little bit of wiggle on one of the mounts (does it really matter much?) any one got better ideas?

Ps: I can’t weld them, arm is steel, clamp is alu. Well I don’t think I can atleast

Some updates to the enclosure:

Oh and something else I don’t reccommend is building your enclosure from wood and sticking it together with hot glue. Just buy a plant pot saucer like I did for $4. Oh I almost forgot I added a heat sink to the esc as well, it didn’t need it but I though it might just be a good idea

I also added some lights to the board because I like to ride at night when there isn’t as many cars and it’s nice and cool

Here’s the link to them if you want to buy them. They are sealed and flexible.


for m4 bolts
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It’s looking good! I love the CF vinyl wrap, are you planning to use any grip tape?

And I’m just wondering, are you in Australia?

Yeah I am in Aus, near Albury/ Wodonga area, you?

Thanks and I eventually do plan to add some grip tape but I haven’t decided yet if I will use clear grip or go for a hexagonal pattern

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Sounds great! Yeah I’m in Aus too, Melbourne for me. I was just curious cause that plant saucer looks like one I saw at Bunnings :stuck_out_tongue: .

How did you go about sticking the vinyl down? Did it adhere well to the board or did you need to use some other sort of adhesive?

I highly recommend using wrapcut and 3M primer for any kind of vinyl. anywhere.

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Lol it is the one from Bunnings. The vinyl stuck to the deck quite well by itself I just added a few drops of super glue around some of the edges. I did order some 3m 94 adhesive but I wrapped the deck before it arrived


You can try jb weld to keep the motor plate form coming loose but it would make it imposisble to take apart

Just out of curiosity, what’s the clearance on the motor mount? Looks pretty low?

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Yeah your right it is very low to the ground, maybe 1" clearance. I wanted to move it up more but I am unable to due to one of the bolts not being able to slide back further. It’s kinda hard to explain what I mean but that was as high as I could get it. Also even if I could get it any higher I would only be able to by about 1cm and then it would hit the base plate.

@faithfulpuppy, yeah I could try that but I would also like to be able to get it back apart

This board is no longer, it has been taken apart and turned into two separate nicer builds. Links here