Budget Build | Dual Rear Facing 6355 195kV | Swappable Battery | 6s Lipos | Ebay Dual Esc | Chain Drive

Do you think it’s necessary to use two keda motors or would one be good as well, I’m planning on making my first build and don’t want it to be too expensive

One is fine, get the 6364 version for only a few dollars more though

Do you mean these https://hobbyking.com/nl_nl/turnigy-aerodrive-sk3-6364-190kv-brushless-outrunner-motor.html?___store=nl_nl ?

Nah, they are Keda 190kv 6364 motors

I want to make a board with about 25 miles of range and a top speed of 20mph would this motor be able to do that with the right battery, and if so what kind of batteries would you recommend?

Yes, I have a board with this motor and I can easily do 40Km/h and I get about 15-20Km range depending on how I ride. You would need a bigger battery though maybe 10s4p, you would need to work it out

Does the 10s influence the range a lot, or could I also use 6s or 8s? Or would I then not be able to hit the 15/20mph

It all depends, range is based on Wh which is nominal voltage times Ah. For example my battery is 10s and 5Ah so 36x5= 180Wh and the general rule is about 10Wh per Km but that depends how fast you ride.

To work out the speed use this calculator


Does the nominal voltage depend on your speed?

Yep, the voltage, wheel size and gearing all effect your speed

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