Budget Build UK

Dual rear motor mountainboard on a tight budget.

I can easily sort out the drive train from part online but the electrics is where I have no idea. Would one of these control units from wish work for what I want? If so, what kind of motors would I need?

Does that come with motor?

No. Would have to get them separately

Someone on here about 2 weeks ago was building a similar build with similar parts and he got motors that didn’t work well with that motor controller. It had no starting torque. The ESC pictured are generally not able to be programmed in any meaningful way.

You really need to make sure the motors and the ESC are compatible and paired well. This is a software / firmware thing.

So, best advice is you should probably buy a VESC based motor controller to ensure you can properly detect & setup your motors. If you plan on running dual motors you need a two separate vesc, or a dual motor controller like the focbox unity or flipsky dual.