Budget DIY Build - looking for review

I made a post a year ago about a board I wanted to build, but unfortunately I never got around to it. However, recently I’ve built an electric bike, and that has given me the knowledge to attempt a skateboard again!

Anything I need to note?

Motor: Turnigy SK8 6374-192KV Sensored Brushless Motor (14P) Batteries: 10s3p or 5s6p Samsung 30q 18650’s in a Vruzend 1.5 setup. BMS: ??? Charger: ???
ESC: diyelectricskateboard VESC Remote: MINI remote maybe? Something cheaper would be nice. Wheels: Have, will drill through. Board: Have Motor mount: will 3D print (temporary)

  • Anti spark connectors for a loop key and a gear set with belt from hobbyking.

Total comes to about $350 minus the stuff I haven’t figured out.

for the remote, a good cheap mini, is @JLabs, or BKB, mini remote

Out of stock, but I’ll look for similar things. My main issue right now is the BMS and charger. For my bike I use a 13s 50amp continuous 70amp maximum BMS, however I have no idea how I would source a BMS for this use. I suppose with a BMS I would just use a smart lithium charger and not any of the balancing ones, but I’d need to calculate the voltage of the setup as my bikes charger is 48v which is likely more.

What will you use as trucks? I have finished sort of my budget build and can recommend good longboard equipment. I have spend so much money extra on new wheels, trucks, pulley’s and belts

I think that buying just caliber trucsk with flywheel clones will save you a lot of money (although it does cost some money on it’s own)

I’m not too educated on longboarding, I figured I could just use any trucks. Especially with a 3d printed motor mount.

Ah let’s hope you are right :slight_smile: What I have experienced is that round trucks are a pain in the ass to clamp something on for a long time

3d printed motor mounts dont work well with esk8 they usually don’t last for more than just a mock up.

Get calibur 2 or calibur 2 style trucks they have the most motor mount options and are not expensive.

I’m only planning to use 3d printed mounts as a temporary measure until I can afford to throw some more cash at better trucks and proper metal mounts.

Calibur 2 clones are as cheap as they get, we use these style trucks here alot because they dont have round hangers they have a D shaped hanger and the flat part allows a motor mount to be secured with out worrying if it will turn on the truck.

someone is selling TB 180mm trucks for $35 shipped one hell of a deal if you ask me also has motor mounts for $40

edit: here is the listing

WHO?? 10 charrrrr

just updated it and mb it’s 180mm not 218mm huge difference

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Can I use a generic 10s BMS like this for a 10s2p or 10s3p battery?

Go 10s3p…5s is too low :confused: Are you sure ruzend kit can take enough amps? I heard some complaints that the kit cant take a lot of vibrations and the pack come loose… You wont get cheaper and more reliable remote than Mini…maybe GT2B or used version from someone? 3D printed motor mounts suck, do not expect it to last

Yes you can use that BMS :slight_smile: