Budget First build

Hi I want to make my first build for about 300-400 euro maybe 500. It can have a max of 25km/hour (15.5 miles /hour) it is the max in my country and around 25km (15.5 miles) range if you have a better range for the price let me know . Can you please also leave a tutorial on how to build it .I am a total noob . Tanks in advance

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Welcome to the dark side homie. 3-500… Not impossible, but highly unlikely. Good battery is 300. For a little guy. Have you ridden electric yet? Maybe a prebuilt is the best route to start?

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I don’t have ever ride one do you have a good pre build that has my criteria ?

You in EU?

Yes I am in the eu

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Well shit.

Why is it that

i could build you a battery. that could save you some money. which country are you from. does your deck need to be included in that price? (maybe sum up what you already have at home)

I don’t have anything I need everything for the price :grinning:

so you still need to buy a deck?

Yes I still need that

do you have anything in mind? (in terms of deck)

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Just a longboard noting more

Beast board is probably the the cheapest Decent I started on an exway flex then verreal RS Working on a flux build now.

I know a guy who does hub builds around that price

I’m starting out as well and all I need pretty much is a battery for my 6374 190kv flipsky motor, how much would you be able to build a 10s if possible with a charging cable? I’m on a pretty small budget I’ll send the rest of the stuff if you need to know a precise voltage so I can get a maximum of 10 miles or more and speeds of 25mph if possible, thank you (btw I live in the US)