Budget of $500 setup

should i go with a dual 6355 esc setup or a single 6374 VESC setup? Battery is 10s3p. I have a budget of $500 excluding the deck, battery, enclosure, BMS, wheels, and trucks.

If you’re just trying to keep the costs down, go with the single 6374 option.

So basically a drive train and vesc,

Looks like he needs a mount and gearing, which eats another $100 or so.

And motor and vesc


I think you should just get very nice components for a single and not skimp. Make sure they can be made into a dual set up later, but just make it single for now.

I dont know where to find 15mm wide pulleys

Not to come off like I just wanna peddle my stuff, but I can sell you the whole enertion mono drive kit if you end up going that route giving you plenty of money for your focbox and a little leftover

They are either on eBay or @johnny_261 is selling them on the market here. I just bought from him, just waiting for shipment.

No one should in fact buy from you, the only reason you are in fact here is to sell your Chinese crap, I went through your activity log and you have contributed nothing to this community. @Michaelinvegas @lox897 can someone please handle this guy because he literally only joined to sell things