Budget Parts List

Does anyone have some budget builds or parts lists that they can recommend for someone who is somewhat new to the Electric Skateboarding community.


https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/search there are multiple budget builds. please do not expect us to spoon feed you information


hahahaha thanks.

Seriously though, it looks like a minefield but when you break it all down it’s not that bad to find what you need. Don’t get too involved in the whole picture, start simple.

What deck

  • What enclosure
  • What size battery fits into it

What drive train

  • Hub/DD
  • Belt/Chain
  • Gear

What ESC

  • Budget dual or single
  • Premium dual or single

What trucks

  • Long or Short
  • Cast or precision
  • What mounts go on it
  • What motors fit on them

What wheels

  • Pneumatic
  • Thane
  • What size for comfort and clearance

After that it’s many many small decisions that lead to a full build. Read before you buy, don’t just buy a motor for example because it looks like one that people said was good. It’s probably a POS.

Golden rule number one, every fucking time… buy cheap, buy twice and eat some pavement as a reward for your tight wallet. It’s always better to buy over time if your budget is low and build a decent board. A rushed board will explode or sit in a closet once you’ve built a decent one, which you will.


Thanks @brenternet appreciate the help, ill definately be looking into things now.

Add mounts from @Boardnamics

Maybe use a flipsky 4.12 + instead as well.