Budget protective gear recommendations?

Gotta get some protective gear before I finish my first esk8…what suggestions for budget gear do you have? Hoping for pads and helmet good at 25mph for around $40…the stuff I see on Amazon doesn’t seem to hold up at speed more than once and the good stuff goes for about 5x what I would like to pay. I know I shouldn’t cheap out on protective gear but it’s better than nothing…which is what I have

Gonna try working with CF…worth making my own pads?

If you only have $40, then you only get a helmet. A normal helmet we use is about $250. A cheap department store styrofoam bike helmet (1 crash and done) is $20


How fast are you planning to ride?

My 2c: (dimes?)

  • Helmet: minimum
  • I’m a developer so a wrist guard is (while a pain in the butt) important. Wrist guards are snowboarding ones I believe.

The wrist guard really is a pain in the butt (no: I’m not wearing it wrong).


I had TSG basic protection sets a while ago from the GB and they were only $40 IIRC. You probably can’t find that price anywhere else tho. I still use the wrist and knee guards.


These seem legit to you? https://gnarlyskater.com/tsg-basic-set-knee-elbow-wrist-pad-set-small/

That helmet will work but at 25 mph if you crash and you hit your chin it won’t be fun. I think your body is worth more than $40. It might seem expensive upfront but a medical bill will be much more than a good set of pads and a helmet. If you want budget fullface go with a demon podium or some other downhill mountain bike helmet.

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How do you think this stacks against a podium?

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Try finding gear on sale. I bought some mountain bike gloves and g-form knee pads for $90 on sale in Australia. That’s about $65 USD

I also have a thh t42, I think that’s the name. Quite a nice helmet and was about $70 AUD. One of the better budget helmets according to some reviews I’ve seen

That helmet looks good. I couldn’t find very many reviews on it but if this article is correct it is cpsc certified (it didn’t mention any certifications on the site selling it or on amazon though…)

For me, if im riding 50ft to the mailbox: helmet. Bare minumum.

Anything more, helmet and slide gloves.

If I’m pushing the limits and really riding hard, helmet slide gloves and kneepads.

I’d find some old leather gloves, old cutting board, jigsaw and blowtorch/melt the jigsawed cutting board pucks onto the old leather gloves. These, as we instinctively try to brace our falls, will save most of your skin other than needing to buy a new pair of shoes at some point.

Next, after slide gloves, is kneepads. Mine are shreaded, but they still work in a pinch. I have no suggestions for cheap, but anything even second hand is better than nothing.

Basically, if you have such limited funds, buy the best helmet you can and scrounge up the rest second hand from Craigslist, yard sales, goodwill, etc. Thats my recommendation.


I know pucks are better but I just can’t stand them…they feel wrong on my hands…also I have tiny hands so I couldn’t hold a phone or remote with pucks…how good are the contoured plates in comparison?

Contoured plates?

Like the flat wrist guards for skating

Oh, I don’t know. Someone else will have to speak to that.

he may mean that goofy half-puck from Flatland3D

lmao just no

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Oof…that’s a special kind of ugly

Oh shit I haven’t seen that but yeah, nice!

That’s basically what I try to make for myself. Works well.

Zach, it’s simple: skate long enough, you will hurt your wrists. It doesn’t matter how good you are, bud.

Watch this:

Wrist protection:

Entry-level: https://www.amazon.com/Hillbilly-Wrist-Guard-Gloves-Finger/dp/B0046F2I5K

Best for those with thin wrists: https://www.amazon.com/Flexmeter-Double-Sided-Wrist-Guards/dp/B017HZ9OYS/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_468_tr_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=RXG6A0WTN80E5BSSXB9R

What I wear: https://loadedboards.com/loaded-leather-race-gloves/ with Holesom plastics, bc, Holesom is stoked :slight_smile: - but my wrist is broken in two places because I was holding a chorizo burrito hehe

Hope this helps!


Ouch… if I had to have a cast I would cry…I’ll try getting the best I can reasonably afford

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