Budget raptor build I Arbor Backlash 37 I slim 10s LiPo I 10s esc I bms

For this build I knew I wanted to make a dual hub motor build on a budget. I parted out my old 6s single drive board and was able to fund this build with that. I decided to go with the Arbor Backlash 37 as the deck because of the fact that it would be stable at speed and has a kicktail for maneuverability. For the motors I went with the Jacob V1 hubs that I was able to get for 60bucks! I mounted them up to Paris 150mm trucks in the rear with 180mm in the front to try and make the width similar. I went with 83mm flywheel clones that I already had laying around and purchased a cheap 10s 20a BMS for charging only. I purchased one of the cheap 10s dual hub motor esc’s to keep the cost down although I may regret not going for FOC boxes. Finally the battery is a custom made 10s 1p lipo slim pack that I built from deconstructing my 3s Multistar lipos. At this point I still need to make an enclosure and finish the wiring for the BMS and charger. Thanks!


Here are some pics of the battery


Ill take some more pictures soon and I am planning on wrapping the bottom in carbon fiber vinyl and making either an abs or fibre glass enclosure

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So I ended up putting this project on the back burner for a while and didn’t end up documenting the build process very well once I began building it again. With that being said I’m happy with the board but the old Jacob motors are slipping badly so im hoping to upgrade the hubs in the future! The deck and encosure came out great and im using the diy eboard 10s3p battery and ESC. DIY%20BUILD%202






The goal is to eventually upgrade to a FOCBOX unity and the new Hummie hubs and possible even a custom 20700 pack if the budget allows!

Honestly I wouldn’t upgrade the board if your going to get all of those new parts… just build a new board :rofl: that’s what I do now so that I have spare boards for friends to ride

Haha yeah thats more logical considering the price I would have to spend but I will most likely upgrade the board over time if I can find used parts and deals ect

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