Build #1 - Hummie deck, 10s4p, dual 6355's, Boa's, Dual Vesc, Caliber2's

So I’ve been lurking here for around 6 months and am finally going to get a build started over winter ready for next year (and hopefully a bit of sun!). I don’t have the biggest budget so will be sticking with single motor for now. Deck is to be decided, possibly will be making my own as I have a friend who is a decent woodworker. I have a 10s4p 25r pack with charge only BMS waiting to be built.

This is what I am thinking of so far (Updated with what I have!)



Motor Generic 6355 190kv x2




Also a GTB2 and sparkle printed enclosure.



dont get the slick revs… they are tragic.

Really? That’s a shame. The pavements etc around where I live are not the smoothest hence me wanting a bigger wheel. Suppose I could do the flywheel thing but they are rather expensive :thinking:

If you want rough stuff wheels then try the mbs option. As far as I know that and slick is it for semi urethane. Could go trampa gummies but shit pricey as As for motors I like to build in some space. Go for something that rates higher than 10s and it’s not going to be running at its max the whole time. Sk3 work if you’re on a budget. Sk8 if you want sensored. The VESC is cool. I have 4. Seem to be strong so far. There are better products out there but I haven’t had any issues with them yet so for the money all good.
Make sure you post the pictures. We love pictures.

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So things have changed a little :wink:

I should have a hummie deck on the way with a single stack enclosure. Got a Sk3 motor coming also and have almost decided to go dual motor from the off so will probably end up getting another.

I’m still totally stuck on what wheels to get though, i’m running so many ideas round in my head right now I’m confusing myself. I don’t need atb type wheels however the roads/pavements around where I live are not the best. I’m open to suggestions that will run on caliber 2 trucks (these are bought).

Whats so bad of the roughstuffs? @dareno , I have been using them for a long while now and they really aren’t all as bad imo



Don’t forget to have slightly flexible battery for the hummie deck. I have a used set of mbs wheels if you’re in a budget. Not bad for a large wheel. Abecs are king or pneumatics even better.

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@bigben any good places to grab a set of pneumatics for the hummie deck? I am waiting on my own to get shipped, but pneumatics looks :ok_hand: on your instagram pics

Mine were from @psychotiller . They’re great.

As far as I know absolutely nothing I was just pointing out another option.

I’m not sure on the pneumatic thing if I’m honest, quite pricey for decent ones plus I’m not sure I like the look. Those boa’s look the part - anyone actually ridden on them?

theres a thread somewhere where alot of high rep riders (@b264, @longhairedboy, etc) who have ridden them / are riding them and the general answer is that theyre quality and have outstanding grip

Yeah I did; they are great wheels. 100mm is too small for me, though

I think, realistically and within a sensible budget (lol), 100mm is probably the biggest I will get no?

There’s not much difference in price between 100 and 107 tbh

Well the Boa’s are available from sickboards now so that makes them more appealing :slight_smile:

IMG-20180918-WA0002 IMG-20180918-WA0006

Hummie deck arrived, very very happy :blush: thanks @bigben.

IMG-20180920-WA0009 Pack in process, rewrapped all the cells as they came from different manufacturers so the different colours triggered me a bit lol.


The wife is loving the dining room right now lol… She’s convinced I’m building some sort of bomb :joy:


She’s not wrong, be careful.

Did you check these cells before you popped them together? All the same spec?

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