Build a montain board

hi all , i want to build a montain board , i have the deck , it’s MBS 95 Pro ,with trampa superstar wheels ,

OK so i have complete board

The twin motor mount i will be getting from @Idea

The Motor’s i would like to be SK3 - 6374-192KV ESC Ezrun MAX6 ,Hobbywing So my main question is , What battery , i need to go fast around that 40 km/h, and range to be 30 km ???

8s5p 30q or 8s4p Sanyo ncr20700b at least because the ESC only is rated for 8s and you need at least 40 cells.

that means I have to build my cell battery ??

Yes. 10char

lock haw go so fast with 8s like that ??

and if the range to be 20 km , what battery i need ??

So for MTB, it uses 20wh/km. That means that if you want 20km range, you need: 3.7v8S5P3A=444Wh, 444/20wh/km=22,2km. So 8S5P=40 cells of 30Q. My initial assumption about 30km range was incorrect. If you want 30km of range, you’ll need 8S7P or around 56 cells in different configuration.