Build advice: Another Jet spud | Focbox Unity | Torque Boards Direct Drive | Eboardsperu Enclosure

Hi, Just working up a build list for my Jet Spud deck that originally had an Onan X2 drive (now sold) I took on a Europe trip; I realise some of these parts are not yet available and I have not yet decided on all the parts. Some Australian links as to where parts were already bought.

Deck:[Jet Spud 29"] ( Motor kit: Torqueboards direct drive kit Risers: angled soft not sure of degrees maybe likethis Bearings: some sort of all weather ceramic? Street wheels: 110mm Slightly off road wheels: storm esk8 105mm (it’s bumpy where I ride) Enclosure: Eboardsperu Jet spud Battery pack: hopefully get this locally made, not sure of size ESC: Focbox Unity
Remote: maybe Maytech Battery indicator: haven’t decided I like this sort Grip tape: Lokton Ninja Star Paint: glow in the dark top and purple base from bunnings Bindings: Freebord S2 Lights: Shredlights


I would like to be able to go both forward and backwards (switch)-the maytech new remote supposedly can. Thank you for your help


Idk how you can set with the unity, but in the vesc tool it was possible to change the ppm mode from current no reverse with breaks to just current and you had a board drive in both directions. Sure in the unity program there should be something similar.

But the pictures don’t fit to your description? Is it your board or only as example?

the pictures are of the deck I plan to use with the old kit on it just for reference and some nice pictures. I would like to update it with the above gear as I like the deck shape and size for travel and commuting though the grip tape was quite abrasive and damaged clothes and skin. Cheers


Yeah, the upgrade gonna be uge !! Enjoy & good DIY :v:

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This is like going from a fiat to a ferrari!

Cant wait to see progress


Thanks, I have also ordered a full face Bell Super DH helmet in preparation



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Most of the parts have arrived, got battery built by bajaboards since they are the closest that had cells I ended up going with the benchwheel remote

Waiting on:

-grin satiator charger to arrive from em3ev -refund from eboardsperu for the wrong BMS which I sent back.

-need to borrow a Dremel to cut out enclosure for the heatsink, battery gauge, charging port and switch

-attach frebord S2 bindings

IMG_20190423_202345 IMG_20190423_201157 IMG_20190423_202653 IMG_20190423_202829