Build Assistance Sydney


Anyone in Sydney that has built a E Board and is willing to help finish my current build?

Happy to pay for your services!

Cheers, Mitch

Unless you are physically injured at the moment I see no reason to pay someone to finish a DIY board. Half of the fun is building the damn thing! Here on this forum you have literally hundreds of people with experience willing to help you with any questions, and the entire f###ing internet at your disposal. Send us pictures and videos, and we’ll help you build your own from here, for free, because that’s what this community is for.

Just post the things you ran into here. Were glad to help you!

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I am based in Sydney and currently finishing my build. What kind of support do you need?

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Currently having issues with the Nyko kama controller not connecting to the motors but can get the motors to work using BLDC.

Ill set some time aside this weekend to test again take photos and share everything to see if i can get an answer,

Uff, that’s a bit too advanced for me :blush:

Did you read all the forum tutorials about it?:

for the nyko to work there are two things you can/should/need to do:

  1. wire it correctly
  2. set BLDC Tool settings correctly

For both of these there are several tutorials and guides online. If this does not work then your nyko is either defect or has a new protocol. Either way it will never work with the current VESC firmware.

Edit: maybe a third point since these things have happened to people in the past 3) check the batteries of your nyko and replace them with new ones :wink: