Build: Bintang Deck | 10S6P 30Q | 97mm Abec | Dual 6378 190kv

I’m trying to rally my confidence through this post to start my build. I have all the parts and more listed in the title, but am terrified to start the battery build. I don’t want to blow shit up and screw this esk8 thing up for everyone else. I’ve been reading and learning a lot here so below are some of the resources, parts, and issues I’ve read/bought/struggling about.

Inspiration: for this build is of two things.

  1. This build by the infamous @Eboosted
  2. Every off-road Trampa builds ever.


  • “Infinite” range - I want something that can conquer the shitty roads that we all have. For me, those roads are in San Francisco.
  • Off road capable - I also want something that never dies. So That is why I want a 6P build.


  • Bintang Deck from Sector 9
  • 97mm Abec Flywheels (not off-road but it seems easier to deal with for the initial version of this board)
  • Dual Focbox
  • 60 Samsung 30Q cells in a 10S6P configuration.
  • DIY esk8 reverse motor mount
  • Dual 6378 190KV motors


Submitted topics

Things left to decide

  • Cell level fusing, how will I do it with two rows. I haven’t seen a lot or any of that on this forum.
  • I own a spot welder, I’m trying to determine if I should solder as that seems easier with the two-layer battery design.

Things left to buy

  • 80W solder station (if I decide to solder)
  • Properly gauged copper wire or nickel strip
  • BMS - I have reached out to Bestech BMS but they haven’t gotten back to me…
  • Power switch
  • ENCLOSURE!!! What will this battery fit in!? I cannot find anything for certain.

Battery pics so far, more to follow. This is the configutation I was invisioning with the bussbar on the side. Thoughts?


I’m really glad I was able to inspire people around the world, it makes me truly happy. However, the true inspirations, were the guys that started everything like @okp @whitepony @kaly @nowind those are the gods around here!

This build is gonna be epic, I’m not sure but with two later of cells you will suffer with ground clearance, the weight of the board is gonna hurt your back every time you lift it.

Can’t wait to see the final board. Good vibes to you and your project!


Thank you for the encouragement @Eboosted! You’re right they are “gods” and there are so many great contributors here.

Ground clearance is going to be an issue. I’m timidto go too high as I hear more traditional skates hate, though I have a one wheel so perhaps I’ll be more acquainted with the higher elevation. We’ll see!

Any tips on a slick hot enclosure? I’ve seen yours which I love I just think they’re a little on the shallow side for the two layer.

Try @psychotiller for the enclosure


his enclosures don’t like 2 cell thick batteries

ask me how I know :rofl:

Knuckles should – is that the one you tried?

nah. I tried the 405 and the coupe

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How about the Low Pro split I like psyco I just wish it was a little bit sleeker (don’t hate me for saying that. Not a dis)

Update: I got my deck back from a local artist in San Francisco.


That’s on the top of the board, right ? So you’re not gonna put any griptape on ?

I’m going to put some sort of clear protective seal on top of it and then I’m going to do a custom sand coat on top for grip. Like so…


Shot of my gear…


One thing I don’t have here are properly sized belts. Mine are too short for the reverse mount setup. Anyone know where to find 320mm HTD 12 belts? TD sells them but they are no doubt overpriced. That size is what is recommended, anyone had luck with other sizes?

Hi @trigger4point7 I’ll be building a Sector 9 Bintang soon too. Still waiting for my parts.

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Sick! You got to link to the build log when you get it started. Thanks for that link. I spent like 20 min last night looking on vbelts but couldn’t find them.

Updated pic! I had the artist throw in some SF flavor.


Sanded it all down. Should I stain it?




@bigben s enclosure just got here. Fits like a glove!!! Couldn’t be happier. Finally the battery build can begin.


Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. You’re going to have some range with that bad boy!