Build...Hello Friends..First build here

I need to buy motors for my first build…I want beltless it just my idea because i think will be less bulky and minimum maintenance and less expensive…

Mators: Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Are they the same motors? Same Capacity… (I think they are they just look different) I’m leaning more to Option 3 cause is cheaper… Do i need to have the 5 pin female connector for the hall sensors?

Any Hall sensors information will be useful, IDK what is the function of it. I did google it…but sometimes is better to get info from a forum…For now that’s all i have .

One Idea is that I want bigger tires…which i will be using TPU filament to create some aireless tires like the ones michellin made 3d printed…

Any help is appreciated…

This board comes with nice enclosure etc for a good price so if your thinking about Chinese hub motors just buy this.


I need to build i have over 100 18650 recycle batteries. which are in great condition still from used laptops. I also have a 3d printer and i can do my own case underneath the skateboard. Buying a new one is not my choice. If i build it will be way cheaper…than $399…so far…free batteries…$20 bms $ 50 for esc from ebay with controller…i need motor and board…i want to do a 10s3p @ 2700mah…i think will be great quality…and great experience…and great knowledge…

you can’t use laptop cells for your board.


they are 18650 cells…very good cells…Y?

they dont have high enough discharge…

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even if i do a 10s3p?

find out which cell they are and report back, i’ll tell you.


Nominal Specifications Item Specification 3.1 Nominal Capacity 2600mAh (0.2C, 2.75V discharge) 3.2 Minimum Capacity 2550mAh(0.2C, 2.75V discharge) 3.3 Charging Voltage 4.2 ±0.05 V 3.4 Nominal Voltage 3.7V 3.5 Charging Method CC-CV (constant voltage with limited current) 3.6 Charging Current Standard charge: 1300mA Rapid charge : 2600mA 3.7 Charging Time Standard charge : 3hours Rapid charge : 2.5hours 3.8 Max. Charge Current 2600mA(ambient temperature 25℃) 3.9 Max. Discharge Current 5200mA(ambient temperature 25℃) 3.10 Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2.75V 3.11 Cell Weight 47.0g max 3.12 Cell Dimension Height : 65.00mm max Diameter : 18.40mm max 3.13 Operating Temperature Charge : 0 to 45℃ Discharge: -20 to 60℃ 3.14 Storage Temperature 1 year : -20~25℃(1*) 3 months : -20~45℃(1*) 1 month : -20~60℃(1*)

5.2a is low. 10s3p ould only give 15.6a just bad.

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yea no you cant use those.

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ok, i need to use what i have…this is a hobby…just want to learn about this…and learn from it…i have over 100 batteries what is the recommendation here? with what i have?

maybe go 9s6p, But even that would have noticeable voltage sag. You know when you play with an Rc car and its so fun but near the end 20% battery life It just sucks? or when your battery is at 35% and you can’t go up hills. Well, that’s kinda what u get with cells like that.

Maybe find some cheap Lipo sells on sale from hobbyking.

yea got it…my remote control is 10s…i have to used what i have is a recreational hobby…so would 10s5p work? as long i have enough range…and ok voltage…i will be ok…(just fun)

It would work, Meepo 1.0 only had 20a on their boards,

You have two options here. 10s10p battery. You will get around 35amps discharge (must remember that discharge is probably burst, not continuous) you will have amazing range which means you will most likely not get the battery down to a point where voltage sag is really bad

The other option is to buy some cheap 2 cell lipos on HobbyKing. You just missed a sale I just got 5x 2s lipos 5000mah for $90 Australian.


can you explain the math pls…that will help…that’s a good deal…are they anywhere? link to check them out…

Heres something I found from just 1 min of looking. 27 euro

So if you use your 18650s to make a 10s10p or similar battery it would give you a max discharge rate of around 52amps (5200mah x the number in parallel). But that is the cells max discharge and it will most likely over heat at that current so let’s say 35amps max that would be about 3.5amps per cell. That is also the amount the esc can handle.

As for range you would have a 27ah battery, at 10s you would have 36v x 27ah = 972wh. Now that is a theoretical 97km. I would estimate a range of closer to 80-85 just because of voltage sag and that when running at higher amps the cells won’t output a full 2700mah

If you need anything specific just ask