Build Help- Need a parts list for a build based of Bamboo GT

Hi everyone,

I’m a complete beginner that’s gathering up parts for an all terrain build (dual drive). However, I’ve been stuck on this one annoying part, and that’s finding a pully system that fits pneumatic tires. Does anyone know where I can get one? I saw another thread about drilling holes into the pully but I don’t have the kind of tools for that.

If you’re feeling really up for a challenge, I’d rather someone with experience could make me a parts list for this build. I’m looking for something that’s almost identical to the Evolve Bamboo GT.

My budget is anything under £1000.

This is what I’ve got so far:

x2 Turnigy SK3 motors x2 Enersion VESC’s x1 Space Cell Pro 3

Thanks, Cal

take a look at @cmatson trampa build -

It’s not a drop deck like the bamboo, but all terrain for sure.

I might actually look at one of the new trampa esk8 offerings if you don’t have the tools to DIY. You’ll easily spend a good chunk of $ on the things to DIY…

If you want the street version of the Evolve - have you looked at buying the pneumatic tires/conversion kit from evolve?


Take a look at these motors for your build

And these remotes

I’m using two trampa wheel pulleys, and they are fantastic.

I made my own mount, and sourced the belts/motor pulleys elsewhere, to keep costs down, but trampa’s offerings look really good!

What SK3 motors did you get??