Build help? What motor shall I use?

Hi guys, I’m trying to build my first board and have a few questions, I have found similar threads and I know there’s loads like this but I’d like to know what you think specifically about this.

I live in quite a hilly area so I’m planning on using:

VESC- diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ 2x 4S 5000mah battery- However I’m slightly baffled on which motor to use: or It says the Turnigy has a higher max power however I’m led to believe the Alien power system has more torque. Which would be best for hills? Could anyone recommend some good cheap wheels? Is my battery choice sufficient? How should I wire this?

Sorry for asking so many questions Many thanks- Rory

Small motor= more heat, take your own conclusions

Should I look for a 63mm?

You should go for a bigger motor preferably the 6374 range. There you will have two/three options, - 149Kv/192kv/2##kv

Yeah, you can use a 50mm, but of you’re heavy you will have overheat and some problems! Try the SK3 6364-245kv or the APS 6355-230kv. Lenght is not as important as diameter

Thankyou very much

No problem, I’m here to help

Lol , length is more stator which equals more copper. If it’s a single drive on 8s. Take the Sk3 190 kv ! It’s a great motor. Some of the APS motors have a vibration going at a certain RPM. This produces a high pitch “scream” . I have it when pushing it over 40 km/hour

This would produce a lot of power but is it quite slow?

I have 8s set up, single drive, and I’m using sk3 245kv. 245kv for 8s is just perfect. 190kv will be slower.

This is the kind of set I’m looking at, how good is it with hills?

I use 2 4s batteries with 192kv turnigy and and hit 25 before

I’m 92kg and had no problems with crossing bridges, but mostly I ride flat.

Don’t know because I live in Florida and there is not one hill

Ah okay thanks anyway{“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:8,“motor-kv”:190,“system-efficiency”:80,“motor-pulley-teeth”:15,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:32,“wheel-size”:90}|

I’m using this on my board. on 9s though