Build Idea | MBS Matrix 2 | MBS pro hubs | Dual VESC | Alien 130kv 3200w | 9S

So after building my first electric longboard I wanted to go further with an offroad board My plan in a nutshell: :wink:

The electronics: 3x Turnigy 3S 5000mah 20C Batteries (9S) 2x VESC from @torqueboards 2x Alien 130kv 3200w sensored 6374 motor Alien mini remote

The mechanics: E-TOXX dual direct drive from @Nowind Primo alpha 8inch tyre + primo/innova inner tyre 35° short mountainboard deck Ratchet bindings all trom @trampa 2x MBS Matrix 2 Trucks 4x MBS Rockstar Pro Hub MBS bearings

So the aims of this build are: to have a lightweight, but powerful board to test the motor mount

Please tell if if you can think of any improvements in price, weight or power. I chose 9S because the motor cannot handle more then 10S and I have these 3 batteries laying around, so no need to buy new ones.

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that motor will be able to handle more than 10S.

unfortunately not.

don’t be fooled by the data that is listed. A motor like this does not really care if you use 9S or 10S or 12S. Current is the larger issue - so higher voltage will actually be beneficial since you don’t need the same current for the same power

You could also get one of the cheap racerstar motors from banggood: they are roughly 50bucks for 140kv and since they are 5065 they will be lighter than the 63mm variants Obviously you will have some power limitations though cpmpared to the 6374

Motors are not voltage rated. You are 100% right saying that. Vescs also prefer 10-12S setups. Volts up Amps down, especially for off road boards.


@maxid @trampa thank you then. I thought that 12S could damage the motor…

Hey Davey

Nice that you start this build. As i mentioned i used this motors for short time on 12S … they screem a bit but Aliens are louder in generell compared to Turnigys IMO

Why not start with the batteries you got? If its to slow you hook up a fourth 3S to get 12S !

Cheers Jenso

This was my plan. I’ll hit up Bruno to ask if 12S would be ok.

Does anyone have experiences with FOC on mountainboards? The motors do not scream anymore when you use this tool.

I think I’ll go with the alien motors even if they scream. Low kv, much torque, sensored and affordable, I do not need more.

So Bruno told me that as @maxid and @trampa mentioned the motor would work, but there is no warranty or things. He said the motors are not tested on 12S, so no guarantee from his side…

He should know that Voltage is not the matter. That’s basic knowledge. Higher Voltage is better for the motor since you push less Amps at the same output power.


Thanks. Yeah he said that, but also the warranty will be gone since it’s only tested at 10S

He should give you full warranty, since you will release strain from the motor.