Build Kit Boards Thread :STAR: Moving Sale Auction: Items Start At $1 ($8.50 Caliber Mounts)

I would like to introduce you guys to my new website Build Kit Boards. Previously I was selling on the eSk8 Market as PolarBoards. Now I have moved on and want to have a launch sale for my new store! Ill get right to it.

$20 off our 90mm 78a Premium Build Wheels

I have had numerous people (such as @Michaelinvegas) say that they could not tell the difference between these ‘flywheel clones’ and the real thing!

$10 off 6374 190kv Sealed Motor

$5 off 6354 208kv Sealed Motor

$30 Mini Remotes


255m & 265m in 9mm, 12mm, & 15mm thicknesses. All at bare minimum prices!

How to participate in the sale:

When you visit the page there will be a newsletter subscription and for signing up you get access to all promo codes! I will not spam emails to you, just an occasional newsletter. You can also click the banner in the top right! If you have any trouble just let me know!


Please let me know what you guys think of the website! It is new so there may be some minor errors, so just please kindly let me know if you find one!

I am also giving $25 off my adjustable BETA mounts. They are specifically for 36t wheel pulleys and 255m betls. The clamping mechanism may need a bit of sanding (but their beta and really on sale :smile:). You can get more info and purchase them here (limit quantities available).

I would also like to give a big thank you to everyone who has supported me in the past, it means a lot!


Good stuff man youll be shipping stuff out to me soon

Congrats on the launch @JLabs !


@JLabs What is the center to center distance of your mounts? There’s no way they would work with 40t pulleys?

Is the shipping to eu possible?

Similar question do you ship to the UK?


10 char

@Factory72 @coolwhip Yes! But shipping calculated at checkout will not be correct. Ever since the dimensional weight was implemented it’d very hard to calculate correctly.

PM me with what you rolling for and I can give you a shipping estimate. If you guys are cool with I could send both if your stuff at the same time to one person to save on shipping.

Hey congrats

I’ll put u on social media blast…let see what happens

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I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t need anything more for my board :slight_smile:.

Haha maybe there could build another :grin: lol

I was gona build a board but i got a really good deal on a raptor Dual. Im going to order the 90mm wheels for the board though

Believe me, if I had the money and the need for it I would already be building :wink:.

No it would not fit 40t I specifically made it for 36t and a 255m belts, but have since drastically changed the design and want to get rid of them.

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Actually, thinking about it, it may be able to with a 265m belt. I’ll 3d print one up tonight and test it out. I’ll he sire to let you know the results.

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Congrats on the launch brother, just ordered x2 motors :grinning:

Fantastic! Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Just to let you know, and I’m sure it’s just because you have nothing in that section yet, but when you go through the popup menu at the top right for ‘shop’ you just get taken back to the home page of the website when you click on any of the following:- All Kits Single Motor Kits Dual Motor Kits

A bit of advise, if you can it would be good to put a count in brackets next to each category on that menu, just to let the user know of their impending possible choices. Something like Single Motor Kits (0) if I saw that, I wouldn’t waste my time clicking on it only to find nothing there.

Also a lot of users will click on that ‘shop’ option, at the moment it just reloads the page and then the menu disappears. Frustrating. I know it’s nice to have it just on the hover over (I’m assuming you’re relying on CSS3 for the popup menu on hover), but you need to disable the default behaviour of that href to stop it from doing that.

Also Tutorials takes you back to the home page. Maybe just take the user to a place-holder page with “tutorials coming”?

Bit of a style/css issue I’d imagine but your description HTML is way offset to the left.

FYI: I’m using the latest version of chrome on a laptop, I’ve not checked on my phone yet.

Hope this helps :smiley:

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Just to add to the above, on my Samsung S7 when you click on the menu burger, the lovely menu slides in from the left, but if you tap on ‘Shop’ it just takes you to a page that lists everything. You have to know to tap on the down arrow if you want to pick something specific from the ‘shop’ child menu options…

@darkkevind thanks for all of the constructive feedback! Just what I was looking for! I will do my best to implement the things you suggested, I’m not sure if I have the knowledge to fix the “shop clicking” issue where the menu disappears but I would like it to be changed now that you mention it.

Thanks again!

No probs, it’s what I do for a living :smiley:

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