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Build list, parts slowly coming in

So I just recently got my deck, and my Enertion trucks, along with those, my Samsung 25r 18650 Lion batteries have shipped and one package is currently at a facility a few hours away from me. So I just wanted to list my parts, and see if everything was good to go.

So my build is:

Deck: Jet Revolver

VESC: Enertion VESC

Batteries: Samsung 25R 18650 Lion

Motor: Tacon Bigfoot 160 (mono drive aka single motor, eventually gonna upgrade to dual)

Motor mount: Enertion

Pulley system: Enertion

Wheels: Abec 11 Flywheels

I know I’ll need a few tools, and some wires (would be cool if someone told me which ones haha), tools wise, a soldering iron, which I am getting from my local hardware shop and maybe some other ones, not too sure… Other than what I already have, anything I need for my build? Will these parts mesh well together? I’ve ordered all those parts that I’ve mentioned, but just waiting for the Enertion stuff, which I don’t plan on cancelling, as other sites are really expensive (USD to AUD sucks) and shipping costs a ton.

I’ll need to figure out something for the enclosures as well.

I love Jet decks, they have some of the best concave and wheel wells for 90mm and up. I currently own the discontinued Spud and the Tomahawk. Not sure if this will fit your specs but I have some of my original space cell enclosures lying around -

Some info on how many of the 18650s and the planned config(10s? 12S?) would be nice.

I bought 40 batteries, not sure on the config. I hear 2 separate 5S to make 10S is good, I want it compact though, not a really long strip.

Nice deck, I have the 36" Jet mod rockered deck. What size wheels are you running?

@Airmacx To cover the soldering you’ll need:

  • flux paste
  • solder
  • heat shrink tubing
  • wire (10awg or 12awg)
  • connectors (deans, xt60)
  • a wet sponge or other tip cleaner

To use your 18650 cells you can check out the parts list from my battery build


Haven’t bought them yet, but I plan on getting ABEC 11’s 83mm, could go bigger though, what do you recommend?