Build log- parts compatibility check

dual motors: alien 6355 190kv

dual focboxes

jlabs caliber mounts: mbs 100 mm all terrain wheels.

@johnny_261 pulleys (motor (compatible with alien?) and wheels): loaded vanguard 12s1p lipos (2 6s in series) 80a bms (for discharge as well) meb antispark caliber 2 50 deg trucks @Eboosted enclosures will all these parts work together? 1300 is a lot of money for me, don’t want to buy parts because of stupidity

How did you come up to 1300$ make sure you will fit 2 of those motors on your trucks

You are missing ESC / FOCBOX / VESC and the remote. Make sure if you have dual motor, you also have dual ESC / VESC / FOCBOX.

What size are your lipo batteries? What kind of range do you want?

Everything will fit perfect of the enclosures

For 1300 u should have li ion