Build Name Pending... | First time build plans!

I love to longboard. I watched the Boosted board come out and test riding that sucker back in 2016 was like the coolest thing I did all summer. I tracked Inboard from the start as they delayed and delayed coming out with the M1, but man was it cool finally getting to try one out like a year ago. I owned a LiftBoard single, which wasn’t half bad for the price! But it felt slow and the acceleration left something inside me wanting… So I returned it before taking off for military training.

I am fast approaching the end of my training and I need both a hobby, and a set of fast wheels! I’ve got everything I need to get back into FPV quads (not relevant here though :wink: ) now I just need some input on this build I’ve researched and parts list I’ve assembled. I took much inspiration from many places (@Kaly, @egzplicit, @Eboosted), and learned very much! Luckily as an electrician I had the basic understanding of batteries and connections, plus soldering skills, and I know how to assemble and program remote controlled objects thanks to FPV. Moving on though, here’s my proposed build parts list!

Deck: Sector 9 Bintang

Trucks: Evolve GT super carve front/rear

Wheels: Abec 11 Evolve 107mm

Motors: APS 6355HEV

Motor mount plates: Unik 63mm


Wheel drive kit: 14/36T Abec pulley combo kit products/36t-abec-pulley-combo-kit

Remote: Psychotiller 2.4ghz mini

Battery: Psychotiller 10s4p

Battery enclosure: ABS enclosure!/Akku-Box-aus-ABS/p/77922661/category=15842017

I’ll take any and all advice/input on this! Total pricing looks to be around $1,616 with an estimated top speed of 33mph (30mph loaded) and a range of potentially 24 miles. (Take that you overpriced pre-built’s) Part ordering should commence within the month, with assembly hopefully starting mid April! :smiley:

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Nice choice on all parts man! However I wouldn’t go with the Evolve trucks they have pretty bad stability at high speeds, get the @torqueboards 218mm instead.

On the remote get the mini remote, far better than the nano which is known to be less reliable connection wise.

You also need an on/off switch solution, I like @goldenHusky stuff.


Thanks! That’s good advice, I’ll do some looking at those. Do you have a link for the mini remote, or is that just from TB as well? The battery from Psychotiller is supposed to come with an on/off switch, I’ll double check on that though!

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It kind of depends. From my experience the TB 218 trucks isn’t really for carving, the evolve trucks are super nice for carving.

That being said I wouldn’t wan’t to do 30mph on evolve trucks :grin:

I am looking for a good carve and turning radius! I don’t plan on spending much time up at top speed at all lol, double kingpin absolutely is not meant for that :grimacing:

You’ve got a good spread of parts there from a lot of different suppliers. There may be some savings on shipping and imports to be had if you bought from less suppliers? Are you in Australia?

I am in the United States

Looking at doing a diy build aswell… keen to follow yours and see hw it pans out…

Doh! I’ll get back in my box. Looked like you’d linked stuff from Australian sites… never mind!

haha no you’re good! A few of the evolve parts are from their AU warehouse because the US one doesn’t have the stock, but otherwise I tried to keep everything in the country!

absolutely! I’ll keep my parts list updated and do a very detailed build and review as I go :wink:

That’s a really good plan, here in the UK we suffer from getting stuff from all over and get hammered in taxes from wherever we get stuff unless it’s APS or Streetwing. For slick enclosures have you looked at eboosted’s? The mini remote is available from ebay, I’ve used them mostly an never had a problem with them. (remove the wheel) Another option is the Psychotiller truck/mount combo? A lot of happy customers with those.

A few things. Is there a reason you went with APS motors instead of US supplier? You could save money on shipping. @psychotiller has some 6369 or 6374 motors that are crazy powerful and should fit on the @torqueboards 218mm trucks

Also, that looks to be a pretty flexy bustin deck. You might have problems mounting a 10s4p battery and single enclosure. I’d say if you want to keep the flex, look into a split enclosure, or get a stiffer deck, especially if you plan on going 30+mph, it’ll have much more stability.

Ah, I gotcha. That stinks! I have not seen eboosted’s enclosures, where can I see those? I’m looking at a different battery setup and the enclosure I have I don’t think will be big enough!

price to performance on the motor looked good, but you are probably right I had not looked at shipping costs! I am looking at different enclosures currently, the one I listed I think will be too small for a different battery setup I’m looking at. Any suggestions on where to look? I know Psychotiller has some, I like the look and shape of the ABS one though. Know of any flexy enclosures?

Sector 9 bintangs a good deck… im looking into using 2 18v 9ah dewalt flexvolt batterys linked in paralel to make a 10s setup… and using torque boards dual mount setup with 218 trucks and 15mm belts…

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Here you go, theres a lot of choice and he’s adding to them all the time. They’re soooo pretty. I make enclosures also but I’m a long way away! If you want a flexy deck then the split enclosures work best unless a lot of work goes into making the battery flexible!

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I started off planning a Kaly-NYC flexy board build, give me the enclosure and I can do it :wink: thanks for the links! I will definitely look at those

I’m pretty sure you can buy a Kaly-NYC enclosure from Kaly directly, I believe @Eboosted used one he bought for this build.

If you get the mounts from @marcmt88 you can mount the motors under the deck or behind the deck

The Unik mounts are much less flexible, but if it’s exactly what you want they might work. They’re closer to actual Evole mounts. Personally, I have to have a tail on everything so mounting any motors out back is a non-starter