Build on a DIY electric skateboard | NEED HELP! |

Hi. I’m a 14 year old boy. My weight is about 55-60 kg (121 - 132 lbs). I’m about to soon start making my own DIY Electric Skateboard. It would help a lot if you could give me some advice about these things. And also please help me if there are a cheaper but still as good way as this is. I’m not quite sure if i need something that i haven’t found, or another thing is better (or cheaper) than the thing i showed. And say if you recommend something over another. Please leave some links:) It would be a fantastic help.


ON/OFF Switch: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-on-off-power-switch/

VESC: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/


Battery: I will need two of those batteries,


Male to Male Servo Connector: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/male-male-servo-connector/

Low Voltage Alarm:

I need a deck. And i just can’t find a bit cheapy one, that looks smart. If you could find one, that would be great. But it’s a Must there isn’t death heads or something crazy on the board.

Always nice to see new builders! I started with these things at the same age as you with nearly the exact same parts. My only recommendation as a change to your list is the batteries. LiPos have caused nothing but problems for me, and they don’t last nearly as long as Lithium ions. I would recommend buying a custom battery from @barajabali, it’ll save you a lot of pain and he offers 1 plug charging with BMS as well

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thanks for the kind words!

Looks good to me! I am also 14 and buying/starting my first build as well! The only thing I see is that the motor you are looking to buy is never in stock. I wanted to use that motor as well but I couldn’t get it in stock even after months of waiting. I decided to go with a 190kv sensored motor from @JLabs for less than or around the same price. That motor is also nice because it has a keyway and cir clips spots built into the shaft so no modification is necessary, you can find them on his website I made my deck out of some pine I picked up from a local lumber yard for $10. I wouldn’t recommend pine as it is a soft wood and chips easily. Birch, maple, or even baltic birch laminated would be the best if you can access those materials. Other than that, looks good and good luck with your build!

Nice. Ty for the reply mate. It always helps, when i don’t have that much experience with it:)

No problem, Good luck on your build!

Ty @Smorto. Maybe i will go with that motor instead. There’s just one problem: I live in Denmark:/ But i will look at it anyway. Do you have any idea of a website that sells that kind of decks? it sounds interesting:)

I’ve looked at your website. And looks like you are only selling things for United States. so unfortunately i can’t get my hands in those things;( but i will figure it out somehow:)

I am fairly sure that @JLabs would ship to denmark but I am not 100% sure. I don’t know of a website but it would be fairly simple to do yourself if you have the time and resources.

Fantastic:) I’m gonna mail him tomorrow then. I surely got the time in these days. Ty so much for the help:=)

No problem I will be sure to so how it goes, keep updating!


These will be in stock very soon

I think @JLabs is in US, if you’re looking for a motor @ajaynagra should easily ship to Denmark from UK LOL EDIT, I was a minute late :smile:

I surely will. Thought about to take pics and vids meanwhile i was making it, and then post it when i was done.

Hehe, i was just looking at them. Thanks!

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Do you have the motor on your board right now? If you have, how is it? the wires, are they too stiff or are they made of silicon? Does it get hots? Do you recommend it? Can’t find out which motor to go with. It would be nice if you could help me.

My motors that i just ordered from the factory now have silicon wires

Okay thanks.

I’ve read for like 4 hours today in this forum. I’ve learned a lot, but i just can’t figure out a good setup for about $600. Can you pls help me with finding all the things i will need. And so it’s a good setup. I think i want a 190kv motor, but the rest is hard for me to find. And maybe leave the links and why it’s a good setup. On forehand, thanks:)

OK do you want single or dual drive