Build on a DIY electric skateboard | NEED HELP! |

How much do you want to spend on a deck

Hmm. I think about the $70-75.

I will soon be selling a deck for £50

Nice. Do you have any pictures of it?

It will be this,

I will be making improvements to it aswell, :smiley:

Nice! That deck looks absolutely dope :smile:. Do you for example make a concave on it? You know, making it curve downwards?

Yeah thats what i am going to do, it has a slight concave already

Sweet:) will it appear on

Yes it will

Nice:) it pleases me.

Do you have any idea of when it will come?

Next week for first version

But i can send you one right now

no thanks. Wanna be sure with all the other things too. And then i will contact you:)

No problem

So just double checking. You know, im on a budget. And that means the first thing i buy gotta be the right one :grinning:.

So is this a good setup for me? Or anything else you recommend?

Single Motor Mechanical Kit Link

ON/OFF Power Switch Link

VESC Speed Controller Link

Battery x2 Link

Motor Link

Charger Link

Servo Connecter Link

Low Voltage Alarm Link

Mini Remote Controller Link

And then the deck you showed me :relieved:.

Are you making your own battery pack?

No, I just bought one from @monkey32. 9000 mah in 7s2p

Hi Joakim!

I’m using the exact same parts for V2 of my build, except I’m going with li-on batteries and a BMS which gives me a one plug charging solution. For my first build I went with four 5000mah 3S batteries which was a hassle to charge. Go with li-on batteries from start and you’ll be happy that you did! My lipos went puffy after only 20 charges each.

I’m in the process of building my own pack and since I’m located in Sweden I could put yours together too while I’m at it. I’ve already got a spotwelder and I’m just waiting for my BMS and shrink wrap to arrive. PM if you’re interested.

I bought 24 of 18650 batteries to make a 6S4P battery. Then I’m going to pair it with this BMS and charge it using a regular laptop charger.

The batteries+BMS+laptop charger+water resistant ports cost me about $213/1900SEK/1457DKK.

Lipos might seem like cheaper solution but eventually(for me it didn’t take very long) they will break.