*BUILD* Remote Helmet Blinkers

Hi guys,

I would like to build Remote Helmet Blinkers and I’m wondering where should I start ?

The goal would be to have :

  • 1 front white light
  • 1 rear red light
  • 2x side orange blinkers

I guess my best option would be to connect some led strip to an arduino and a RF receiver. Then control that with a switch connect to another arduino and a RF transmitter.

Any idea or reference to help me ?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I think the first problem to solve would be detecting the turn. What did you have in mind? You’d need a way to electrically detect the truck lean…

Well I was thinking of two switches add on the remote. Left and right switches with a wireless connection to the lights

The mini remote has a steering wheel already, you mean something like that?

Some bike lights in aliexpress have this functionality already.

@b264 Well, I don’t have a steering wheel on mine so I was thinking of a complete add-on. Maybe a second mini-remote for my left hand.

@laurnts Any links. I might be able to savage one to fit my needs

Or maybe, just two switches directly on my helmet. I could add those near my chin…