Build, single motor, need help, Beginner, parts list

Hello I have received a lot of help. so much that im ready to show you my parts list and hopefully you will be able to help me with something you think will be better or cheaper, hoping to keep me under 700 like 650€. I try to make a complete board with all that implies.

What I would like to have. My board’s stats 12 miles drive time, and 28 miles per hour and not to hevy and long.

More info Im 16 years old and live in EU

Bones Reds 8-Pak bearings Price: 24,05€

Enuff Spacers 4-Pak Price: 2,69€

Bones Reds 1-Pak bearings Price: 3,36€

Long Island Bucket V2 Longboard Deck Price: 134,21€

T-tool Price 5,24€

HTD5M 36T wheel pulley for Flywheel or Kegels WITH integrated bearing Price 14,99€

Battery Pack 10s2p 10s3p 10s4p Samsung 30Q 10s2p / Standard (charge only) Price 199€

Caliber Mount Price: 49€

SENSORED MOTOR 3500W 6355 190KV Price: 119€

Orangatang kegel wheels Price: 67,99€


Motor Pulley HTD5M 15mm Wide 15 teeth 6mm Price: 6,90€

HTD5M Belt 15mm wide 260mm/270mm/280mm/300mm Lenght 260 Price: 7,90€

Bolts (8pcs) Price: 2,49€

Riser Pads (pair) SHOCK ABSORBER Price: 1,99€

2* Caliber II 50° 10" Price: 2*35 = 70€

Total: 817.81€ and thats to much max 700€ if possible.

So I hope you can help me ;D with belt lenght 260/270/280 or 300 mm and motor pully 6 or 8 mm and things like that. also if I am missing something (ty)



I just found these new wheels

Buy them from amazon US, no import fees and overall cheaper.°-Longboard/dp/B00NY3Q5P4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1528300530&sr=8-1&keywords=caliber%2Btrucks&refinements=p_n_shipping_option-bin%3A3242350011&th=1&psc=1

What mount?

Might be better to go for 6374 for single drive

Requires modification to the trucks

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Hey nice for the help what i mean with the Caliber Mount is the motor mount, and the reason I wan’t the 6355 motor is so im able to upgrade to a dual motor at som point, but I do not know if that’s a smart move??? but I think i’ll stil go for the Orangatang kegel wheels, but if you know a place where I can get a Pully in metal for the Orangatang kegel wheels that will be nice, and I will definitely go for the Caliber Trucks Cal II 50 you sendt so (ty)

Oh ok

A metal kegel pulley is hard to find with your budget :frowning:

You also mentioned two bearings in your first post.

Single 6355 might be alright but it might struggle with hills and breaking.

Your deck is a large portion of your budget, maybe you can find a good deal on a deck somewhere?

That was a shame, and there are in total 9 bearings because 2 in all wheels and 1 in the pully right? and yes the deck is expensive, so if you know a nice deck that don’t bend a lot well it be nice??

I don’t know about the deck but I would look around on ebay or something like that, some good deals there.

Oh forgot about the pulley bearing.

You could get the same VESC from aliexpress for a little cheaper if you can wait.

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