Build & specs: Scorpion, space cell pro, parts

This is my first build after months of planning and accumulating the parts.

After all your help and info found on the forum. It is time to return the favor with the specs of my build

Status: It is finished and is currently in the testing phase

Parts Deck: -Baltic birch plywood -fiberglass resin and cloth -stain Board: -44 caliber trucks 180mm -enertion motor mount -enertion pully 36&15 with12mm belt -zealous bearings -enertion flywheel 83, (will change to Abec eventually) -1/2 risers -2in hardware Electronics: -space cell pro 4 ,10s4p -Olin vesc, bought enertion vesc still doesn’t work -Gt2b remote with masterCho mod -scorpion 220kv motor -k&n air filter& electrical tape for salt/dirt motor cover -tsg helmet

Rufly the total build came out to about to be retail:$1200 Spent $1040 because of sales.

I will upload graphs of its performance in the next few days -so far highest speed reached has been 28, haven’t tried yet


Nice a scorpion motor finally! Maybe u can compare it to others and see how it does 40 or 50mm? Nice looking board. Awesome all round.

50mm 5030 motor though it Is almost the same diameter of the enertion 63 motors

Sweet build…

How did you find the space cell in terms of simplifying the build process?

It looks great if I do say so myself.

It works great for holding the battery’s and vesc, great seal, great option for a first build. Saves a lot of time and stress/worry about screwing up the bsm and lipos if you haven’t had much experience with it.

Is that a red rubber band on ur motor!? Wow I can zoom in.

That is just me being over cautious about debris on the road that could get in my motor, the scorpions vents are larger then other motors, I have rebalanced the red band with black rubber electrical tape.

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Motor needs to cool…covering the can like that will lead to a burned out motor … and cooking that expensive scorpion motor would suck

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I am aware of scorpion motors and how they run a little hotter then others, the covering is an air permable cover and still vents very well. Currently watching it to make shure it doesn’t over heat.

That’s a mesh? I thought you wrapped it in duct tape lol