Building 10S3P Samsung 25R

hi, guys, I am trying to assemble a pack of 10S3P batteries, I want to know the following:

  • Buy 30 cells Samsung 25R Cells placing 10 cells in series and 3 packs of those in parallel.
  • By developing this 10S3P , how much output voltage and amperage can you get.

thanks for your help

Hi! This question is asked many times. Please search and read. For example this link:


If you have that pack you will have a max discharge of 60a and a nominal voltage of 36v. If you are going to get the cells from eBay look on over sites like nkon and lithium ion wholesales as the have cheaper prices

Too many threads that cover this

Get them from Nkon they’re the cheapest and they’re genuine.

Use my handy tool to find the best ones to sit your needs…


42v 60amps 7500mah

Before assembling a battery with alot of energy you should do research and feel that you know what you are doing. One of these cells has potential to creata a fire. @oyta provided a good link to get going.

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Here’s another “build thread” to consider as you’re getting started: